11 Months


The Blueberry Self-Feeding Fiasco of July 2010

At 11 months old, Miss Ivalee:

  • stands for several seconds on her own.
  • “cruises” very well.
  • will be walking very soon. And boy if I think crawling has been fun … :braces self and shudders:


  • is mostly on table food these days. She still loves yogurt and applesauce though. Her favorite finger foods are carrots, green beans, pancakes, Goldfish, and WATERMELON! This child could eat her weight in watermelon! We’re not having to mash up or process any more cooked fruits and veggies. Baby food stage is in the history books, I believe!
  • says, “Uh oh!” (learned that one from Nathan), “Stop!” (though it sounds more like “Top!”), “Hey“, “Bye bye“, “Dog“, and “Cat”. She says “Mama” but it’s always in a long line of “mamamama” so … not me yet. 🙂 Though she has said, “Da!” a few times, I’m not sure if she’s saying it for real or not yet.
  • has quite the temper. Don’t believe me? Try putting her in her car seat when she’s not ready to be buckled down. Or taking away a bottle cap that my mom’s cat has been pushing around the floor. Or correcting her when she’s heading in an unsafe direction. Oh, the dramatics!
  • sleeps, consistently, through the night … even without cereal at bedtime.
  • usually wakes up in a very happy  mood. This is a nice change of pace from the crying wake-up call I’d gotten used to over the past 10 months!


  • has mastered the sippy cup … finally! She likes to use Wesley’s and Nathan’s (and the kids’ in her day care class too!) more than she likes to use her own, however.
  • “runs” to the door whenever I come to pick her up at the end of the day. Best part of my day, hands down.

2 responses to “11 Months

  1. LOVE the blueberry face, ha!

  2. I’m with you – the way Jack literally flings any toys he’s playing with in any direction when i walk in the door and tries to “run” over to me – it really is the best part of the day! And he loves watermelon too! Funny!

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