Life Lessons

In the past couple of weeks, Ivalee has hit a growth spurt. It seems like her hands – once so small that her fingers couldn’t wrap all the way around one of my fingers – and her feet have grown the most. Don’t get me wrong. They’re in proportion to the rest of her body, but they’re just so chubby and BIG these days!

And as we’re nearing her first birthday, I find myself thinking … this is how it is. They grow up fast and then … that’s it! They’re grown-ups! In just the first eleven months, she’s changed and developed and learned and grown so quickly! And that’s what these years are for … changing and developing and learning and growing. And my job as a parent is to direct and facilitate all those things.

But my recent realization has been … this doesn’t stop! It doesn’t slow down. We won’t get to a point where it’s like, “Ok. Let’s park it here for a while.” Time just keeps rolling, often at break-neck speeds. Just one year ago, I was sweating when she would get here and now she’s here and is practically a Big Kid already!

And that favorite outfit she wore twice will never fit her again.

And I’m not taking enough pictures.

And days are too short.

And are we teaching her enough? Are we praying for her enough? And dancing enough? And laughing enough? And saying, “Yes!” enough?

I’m feeling the tension that all parents must feel at some point. It may be a little premature. It’s not like we’re talking high school graduation – or even kindergarten graduation – here. But I think it’s a healthy tension. One that’s causing me to evaluate my priorities and make changes in my life. I do still have time. Hopefully years. Years made of fleeting moments and months that fly by before you feel they’ve even gotten started.

I’m going to be a wreck in one month and four days.


2 responses to “Life Lessons

  1. Rita! She looks sooo big and different in that picture. She is precious!

  2. I know how you feel. I am thinkin I’ll be a huge wreck on Ri’s 1st birthday. But one thing my SIL said that really helped me was, “you really don’t want them to be babies forever. The fact that they change and develop is what makes each stage special…it doesn’t last forever.”

    It’s still hard to realize how quickly time goes by. But that helped me a lil so maybe it will help you too. 🙂

    And by God’s grace, you are doing a phenomenal job with Iva!

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