Independence Day Weekend

Somehow a miracle occurred last week. The week before, there were heat advisories in the 110* range. There was not a lot of outside activity going on in the area because it was soooo blazin’ hot!! The weekend of the Watermelon Festival, we all stayed in as much as possible. It was just too hot to enjoy the outside stuff.

Then something happened. Call it a cold snap, a cold front, … whatever you want. Fourth of July weekend was not itself this year! It was enjoyable!! We were outside quite a bit this weekend and kept marveling at the moderate temperatures. How unlike Charleston to be in the 80’s during the notoriously “hottest days of the summer”. We walked around downtown on Friday afternoon saying, “Can you believe this is summer?? This is the most perfect summer day there ever was!” (I’m not a big fan of summer, at all. I like vacations and I like sunshine late into the day. I like any excuse to eat copious amounts of ice cream and watermelon. But I hate the heat and humidity.)

We went to the Charleston Aquarium on Friday with our good friends, Robbie & Allison and their daughter Marlee. Iva LOVED the fish. She’d find a perch very near the tank and squeal and giggle and clap whenever the fish would swim towards her.

Then on Saturday was the Fourth of July celebration in Moncks Corner. My sister and her family came into town. We walked up the street for the parade. It lasted about 20 minutes or so, but was enjoyable enough for a Fourth of July parade. 🙂


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