Ten Months

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On her last morning as a 9-month old, Ivalee gave us a terrific gift: we got to sleep in until 9 AM. So thoughtful of her! Maybe for her last day of being 10 months old, we can sleep until 10!

Can you believe she’ll be a year old in two months? Oh my word. In two months, she’ll be smashing cake into her face, be given more toys than she’ll know what to do with,  and will celebrate her first full trip around the sun.

:sigh: I’ll get sentimental about that in another two months. For right now, the ten month update.

At Ten Months, Miss Ivalee:

  • loves to feed herself finger-foods, though she’s not very neat about it and has about a 50% accuracy record. Black beans, Cheerios, and peas & carrots are her favorites. She also likes corn, Goldfish, and watermelon.
  • had pancakes for the first time this weekend. I used the blueberry pancake recipe that I swore by when I was pregnant (diabetic) so it was low-sugar and “healthy” enough that it satisfied my over-protective sensibilities. She loved them. And ate one on Saturday and one on Sunday.
  • has cut her fifth tooth. (Still no drama. Thanks, Necklace!)
  • really enjoys her day care class on the days she’s in there. The past couple of weeks, her Granny Ede has been coming on Mondays to keep her. So that means she’s only been in her class on Wednesdays, and that’s ok by me — and her Granny Ede! 🙂
  • has started to be a little clingy with me and Kyle. She adjusts quickly with transitions into nursery or day care (and even dropping off at my mom’s house!), but she’s more fussy than normal when I have to physically hand her off.
  • pulls herself up to standing very easily, and has even learned to “fall” gracefully so that she doesn’t get hurt on the way back down.
  • has learned her first word: “Bye bye”. She uses it at the appropriate times and waves. Usually this takes some prodding, but when I picked her up at day care on Wednesday, as soon as I picked her up, she turned to her teachers, said it, and waved to them. Guess she was ready to get home that day!
  • loves the water! She took her first trip to the beach a couple of weekends ago. Kyle walked her out into the water and, in true Ivalee form, she was fearless. Loved the waves and the ocean. And we’ve been swimming in friends’ pools a lot lately and she kicks and plays and splashes until it’s time to eat or go home.



2 responses to “Ten Months

  1. She is just too cute for words. I can’t believe she’s going to be a YEAR old!

  2. Talking already? Amazing! They are getting so stinkin’ big!

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