Cloth Diapers, part 2

We’re on our third day of the Cloth Diaper Experiment and we have a clear leader in Polk Parent Diaper Preference.

My original thought was that we’d go with the Bum Genius one-size pocket diapers as our overnight diapers and a prefold/cover as our daytime diapers. I knew this would be the most cost effective way to cloth diaper and I’m told that you learn how to fold and maneuver the prefolds quicker with practice. I’m learning that that might not be the way things end up.

First, my observations thus far:

Our experience with the Bum Genius has been love since the beginning. Even Kyle oohed and ahhed over them once I got the first one fastened on. They’re so stinkin’ cute and soft! And have I told you how easy they are? I keep the two I currently have washed so I am able to use them in the evenings and at night. I don’t have a complaint about them yet. Great fit. No skin irritation. No leaks. No stains.

No problem.

The prefolds … well I have to be honest and say that I haven’t been able to give them a fair shot, but yesterday morning was a bit of a disaster where they were concerned and it’s got me a little gun-shy. Iva woke up at 7:15 and I changed her — putting on her first prefold. I’d watched enough YouTube videos on the topic that I felt confident in folding it and using the Snappi. And it went on easily and snugly. I put on the Thirsties cover and … no problem. Cute as a button.

Until 15 minutes later when she had pooped. So another diaper change was in order. (This is clearly not the diaper’s fault. Just how it goes sometimes.)  I have to admit I was a little grossed out at just flushing the solids and throwing a still-poop-smeared diaper into a pail. I’d rather just wash it immediately (as I’d been doing the past couple of days with the Flip and BG diapers), but there was no time. So in the pail it went. And on went a second prefold. By the time I got to my mom’s at a little before 8 AM, she’d already peed enough to soak through the second prefold. So another diaper change – third of the day – all within an hour of waking. Yikes.

I’m sure the soaking-thru is normal. Matter of fact, Cassie (resident expert and cloth diaper benefactor) said in her comment earlier this week that you do have to change prefolds more often because they’re not as absorbent. I have definitely found this to be true. And because of that, I don’t think I’ll be able to use those as often as I thought I would. My mom is willing to do whatever I ask her to do when she’s keeping Iva during the week, but I just can’t ask her to change diapers that frequently. And I wouldn’t ask the ladies in her day care class to learn how to put on prefolds for the days she’s in their class until it’s something I’m completely sold on myself. The Bum Genius diapers are just too easy in comparison.

One good thing I can say for the poop-smeared, sat all day in the diaper pail prefold … it was perfectly clean and stain-free with just a hot bath in a smidge of Purex Free and Clear liquid detergent! I was kinda surprised by that. I thought I’d have to soak and wash it at least twice!

I’m not completely giving up on the prefolds, but my next try on these will be on a day when I’m home with her all day. Until then, the prefolds are on hold.

The third trial was the Flip diaper. And, once again, my experimentation has not been exhaustive or fair. She’s worn this diaper twice. The first time, I wasn’t the one to take it off so I didn’t see “how it worked out”. (My mother-in-law said it was “fine”, but she probably thinks we’re crazy for considering cloth diapers in the first place! haha!) The second time I did take it off … and what had happened inside the diaper was not a normal occurrence. Blow Out-palooza had happened. It was everywhere. So gross. So this poor diaper hasn’t gotten a fair shot at all. I will withhold my opinions on it until it has sustained more “normal” use.

One positive note about them already: I like the snaps. They seem more secure for the time (which will come in the future) when Iva learns how to undo her own diaper. Maybe this will help to deter that for a little longer?

So the front-runner, in our opinion, is the Bum Genius. So our plan is to implement these into our stash gradually. I ordered six more earlier this week from a website where they have a Buy Five Get One Free sale, with free shipping. It makes each new diaper $14.95 rather than $17.95. Win!

Also, if you’re thinking about trying cloth for your kid, there are a couple of websites that offer trials. So they’ll send you a few different name brands of cloth diapers and you can experiment on your own to find what works for you. (Specifically here and here.)


4 responses to “Cloth Diapers, part 2

  1. I’m glad you’re liking the BGs. I took a picture of all of mine with my phone after they were stuffed and put away with the intention of sending it to you the other day, but I thought you might have taken me for a crazy person.

    One thing of note is that I’m not too sure about the quality of the prefolds that I sent you… I just sent them because they were from cottonbabies and I wanted to send everything all together. We use prefolds from and through my exhaustive research I’ve determined them to be top quality. But they’re still prefolds…

    • Do you really think you need to make apologies for this most excellent gift?! You. Do. Not. I am SO grateful!! I’ll look into the prefolds at green mountain. Thanks SO MUCH, Cassie.

  2. I’ve been reading your blog for while, but have never commented. We used to be connected via Xanga, a while ago (my xanga’s name was EICRAM).

    Anyway, I’ve loved your posts about cloth diapering! Before our second was born, I saw a post on Craigslist of a lady who was selling all her cloth diapering supplies for $75! I bought it and it is all pre-folds with covers. So we’ve been cloth diapering our second all along.

    I have to agree with you that they are not very absorbent especially as he has gotten older (he is 11 months now), but we have been using doublers in the diapers and that has helped a bit. I even made a few extra doublers by buying some flannel and terrycloth fabric and sewing the fabric together in rectangles just big enough to fit into the diaper. It also help clean up poo diapers easier because you usually just have to swirl the doubler in the toilet instead of the whole pre-fold.

    I may just have to try out the BG diapers though, it sounds like they are much easier than what we’ve been doing!


    • Marcie,

      Man, if I knew who all read this blog on occasion I bet I’d be surprised how many are still following from the ol’ xanga days. You’re not the first to pop-in and say hello! What a GREAT DEAL you got! $75 is awesome!!! (I paid more than that for just 6 diapers! Ha!)

      I just started reading some today about adding an extra layer of protection in the prefolds with flannel or fleece or terrycloth. That’s a great idea! I’ll have to get on that for my next prefold trial.

      I’m particularly excited about the BG’s because, yes, they’re pricey but Iva’s in day care a couple of days a week. And since they’re so freakin’ easy, I don’t feel bad at all about asking the teachers to use them. 😀

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