A Visit to Georgia

Last weekend was Memorial Day weekend. Kyle and I were both able to take an extra day off on Friday to make it a four-day weekend. We had travel plans and were ready to hit the road.

First stop: Athens, Georgia
Destination: Iris Place Assisted Living Facility
Objective: Visit with my family

We had lunch with my Pappaw and Mama Dot. They recently moved into this Assisted Living facility and I hadn’t taken the opportunity to go over and visit them in it yet. So we left home around 8 AM so we could get there in time to eat lunch with them at 12:30 PM.

Iva, the traveling pro, slept most of the way over there. She woke up and ate around 11:30 and played the rest of the time in her car seat. But she was happy to get out when we arrived. And she made for good entertainment for the people at neighboring tables during lunch. She was in a happy, playful, talkative mood.

My Aunt Barbara came up from Madison and brought Gracie, her granddaughter. We had a nice visit and Gracie helped to wear Ivalee out so that when we got back on the road, she conked out in just a couple of minutes.







Both Gracie and Ivalee Grace were named for my Mammaw. This was their first time meeting. I think it’s safe to say it was a success. Anybody who feeds Iva is an instant friend! 🙂

Second stop: Newnan, Georgia
Destination: Alex & Jana’s house
Objective: Surprise 30th Birthday Party for Alex

At the end of March, Jana sent out a message to Kyle and me and a few of our college friends and we all began conspiring for a way to meet up and surprise Alex near his birthday. We were so excited for an excuse to get over and visit them again. Love those Earlies. (Earlys? How do you pluralize a last name?) And couldn’t wait to meet Miss Tovah!



Of course, a lot has changed since we were all in college together. This is just half of the kids – and all four of these are under a year.

Jana had arranged to set up a screen in their (BIG!) backyard and we watched Heima that evening. Kyle helped man the grill and we all ate on blankets and chairs sitting around the screen. (Admittedly, I called it a night early that evening. And at 6:15 the next morning, I was glad I did!)


(I stole two of your photos, Tasha! Thank you!)






Kyle and Alex called him Socrates. He looks like such a little Man!

Also, someone has perfected her “pulling up” abilities. And her fascination with mirrors is only increasing.


On Sunday, we went to Alex’s church. We love it there. Both times we’ve gone, we come away with a clear vision of what the early church must’ve looked like, with a clear picture of what true Christianity looks like today, and with a great deal of tension as we try to discern how to make that happen where we are. (Good tension; the kind that makes you grow.)

And we were having so much fun that when Jana said, “Alex wants you guys to stay another night,” we quickly decided to take them up on it.

And we headed back home on Monday morning. It rained almost the whole way, so we took our time getting home. It was nice to be back in my own bed on Monday night, but the weekend was exactly the kind of rest I needed.


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  1. Also Iva sits in a booster seat! Hers big!

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