9 Months

DSC_0088Mother’s Day * Sunday, May 9, 2010

At 9 months, Miss Ivalee:

  • is 18 lbs and 28 inches long.
  • IS ON THE MOVE! This little girl took off like a shot and hasn’t looked back!! She used to scoot across the floor on her butt. She became very adept at getting where she wanted to go … slowly and sitting up all the while. That didn’t last long; she just couldn’t get where she needed to go fast enough. She went through a spell where she would lunge on her hands and knees. Then she would pull herself forward a few paces using just her hands. And, I’m not kidding, she would put her head down and look at her legs as if to say, “COME ON, already! I’ve got places I need to go!” Once her legs decided to participate, she got the hang of it very quickly. And now we’re in the “Whoa, Ivalee! Be careful, Baby!” stage.


  • understands the word “No!” It’s used multiple times a day as she tries to climb onto my parents’ hearth and into their fireplace; as she takes toys from Nathan or starts to put his pacifier in her mouth; or as she tries to crawl off the side of the bed, etc. etc. etc.

photoIva gets sorted with the office recycling.

  • is REALLY developing a personality. She’s SO MUCH FUN these days. Her newest thing is taking her pacifier and putting it in her mouth backwards and turning her head around to make sure everyone’s looking. And she grunts and grunts, like a little animal. (Wow. That story is probably so lame to everyone but me. I’m a mom. Sue me!)
  • still doesn’t quite have her fifth tooth. It’s hanging out just under the skin, waiting to cut through.


  • claps when you say, “Yay!!”
  • has begun to feed herself puffs and likes to grab her spoon to “help” as you’re feeding her. I’m trying to be patient and allow her to learn, and think less about the large mess and wasted food. (“Learn to let it go, Rita. Learn to let it go.” This is my mantra.)


  • does not enjoy the process of being put into her car seat. Once she’s fastened in, she’s good to go, but getting her to settle in is another story altogether. The installation of the new Big Girl Car Seat helped with this issue only slightly. It helped greatly with her endeavors to chew on her toes, though.


  • is pulling up to standing these days using whatever support she can find. I especially like it when she crawls to me and pulls up on my legs! 🙂 She loves me!

2 responses to “9 Months

  1. LOVE babies chewing on toes!!!

    Yup, I went to Etsy like you said and ordered one of those necklaces. Cai’s ears have been victim to his teeth. For some reason his teeth take FOREVER to come in and they were causing horrible ear infections which led to several rounds of antibiotics and us finding out he’s allergic to penecillan. Anyway, I was desperate when you posted about the necklace, and like you, wanted to see the effects of it before I wrote about it;)

    So, we are day 6 of awesomeness! It took about 5-6 days of garlic oil ear drops and the necklace before seeing the effects, but I just couldn’t put him on another round of yet a different antibiotic.

    Even if I see him messing with his ears he isn’t whiny or fussy.

    Plus, he just cut another tooth a few days ago!!!

    Thanks for posting about the necklace. I’m going to write about it this week too.

  2. BTW…I love your new header picture:)

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