Just a few brief, machine gun-style thoughts:

  • Last week, we were presented with strong motivation for a quick trip to GERMANY! Our friend Till (remember him? the one who cooks?) sent us a message last week: “Surprise! I’m getting married! It’s a long shot, but do you think you could be here?” So we began running in circles for a few moments going, “Passports! Airfare! TRIP TO GERMANY!! TILL’S GETTING MARRIED!!” All said and done, we just don’t have the resources to get everything in order in time to make the trip for His Big Day. So we’ll be missing out. BUT … a visit needs to be in our near future. Miss that guy — and his ridiculously good cooking. šŸ™‚ (Also, can’t wait to meet his bride!)
  • As a new parent, I’m learning that other parents can sometimes be a source of great encouragement and wisdom. And sometimes other parents can be the most judgmental critics you’ll find. A friend who understands “we do things differently, but that doesn’t make your methods wrong” is a true friend. You can’t have enough of those friends on the road to successful parenthood, I believe.
  • In relation to that, and I touched on this very briefly in the Day Care update … No! That situation is NOT ideal. In an ideal world, I’d be at home with her all day, every day; planning play dates and participating in Mother’s Morning Out, and getting my home into ship-shape during naptimes. But that is 100% unrealistic and would be irresponsible and foolish and would prove the fastest way to financially sink our family. This is not an issue of faith. Please stop trying to make me feel like I’m less of a mother for having to work to help support my family. Thank you.
  • Another brief, related thought: I found a Vitamin Water tshirt at Goodwill a couple of weeks ago. I instantly liked it because it’s brightly colored and … I like color. Who cares that I’m a billboard for a product I hardly ever buy (unless it’s on big-time sale)? The deal was sealed when I noticed what it says on it: “works hard and has a family”. Apropos? Yes. It’s my new favorite tshirt.

  • Iva turned 9 months old last week. Her 9-month check-up is tomorrow, so I’m waiting to post that update after I get her current “stats” to include.
  • Also, it’s hard to find pictures of her these days to include in the update because it’s hard to TAKE pictures of her! She’s a girl on the move! (More on that tomorrow.)

5 responses to “Processing

  1. Sorry people are giving you grief about not staying home with Iva. šŸ˜¦ You’re a great Mommy (and Aunt)!

    Hmm… I wonder how horrible of a parent I am that I’m VOLUNTARILY working this summer. You can always mention that to get them off your case. šŸ™‚

  2. Just so you know… you’ve been one of those awesome encouraging types of mommas to me. šŸ™‚

  3. Rita – the only person you have to answer to about your choices in life is the Lord. He knows what is best for your family – once you’ve discussed it with Him and you have peace you need to find a way to filter out every one elses “opinion” of what is right. It hurts when people(especially friends) “share” their ideas but you and Kyle know what is best for your family and you need to hold firm to that fact and let what others say roll off your back the best you can. Iva is loved and well cared for – what others think doesn’t matter. Hold firm to your beliefs and know that their are more encouraging moms out there than the other kind! You are a great mom!

  4. Momma Rita, I went to daycare most of my life and if anything it made me more awesome. I think you are awesome and I love you. Daycare rocks! I love you! (Wait did I already mention that). Ohhh, and tell Iva to slow down. she is growing TOOOOO fast!

  5. Sometimes people are just crappy. The end!

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