Almost Crawling

Kyle’s mom gave her a talking teddy bear that is serving as great motivation for her to get on the move! She’s moving up little-ittle bits at a time. It won’t be long til I’m chasing her around like a crazy person.

Also, if you hear that really high-pitched crazy-making noise while this video is playing, your ears are not malfunctioning. It’s our ceiling fan in the living room. I can’t stand the noise, but Ivalee loves the fan, so I’ve learned to tune it out.

Also, in the “real” video, seconds after this video ends, she totally face-plants. I mean, hard. No blood or major bruises, but it was quite a thump. It’ll only serve to toughen her up, right?


2 responses to “Almost Crawling

  1. Nathan was cheering Iva on. He kept yelling at her when he watched this. 🙂

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