8 months (and six days)

(Following the “Incident” from last Monday, there were several other similar, yet smaller instances that finally forced us to recognize that, despite the fact she didn’t ACT sick, our daughter had contracted some type of stomach virus. So we contended with that all week last week and finally took her to the doctor on Friday morning. (“It’s a virus. Let’s do some bloodwork.  [bloodwork that is more tragic for mother than baby] Congratulations, she’s on the mend. You’ve done everything right. Here’s your gold star, mom.”) And now it’s Monday, April 19 and I’m six days late with the 8 month update. Oh well. That’s parenthood, right? Flexibility is key!)


At 8 months old, Miss Ivalee:

  • can’t wait to start crawling!

  • weighs 17 lbs. and 4 oz. If you’re keeping track (as I’m sure you are!) that’s the same she weighed at her six month appointment. I assure you, she’s grown in the last two months, but she was sick last week. That’s the culprit.


  • gets more and more fun and playful all the time! She does get a little frustrated at her lack of mobility, though! (Oh gosh. Mobility. I’m not sure my house is ready for a baby on the move!! I’m not sure I’M ready for a baby on the move!)
  • is very very squirmy!! And her new thing is bow-ing her back out when we’re trying to hold her still to dress her or something. Oh boy. I think we’ve got a bit of a drama queen!


  • still has a total of two teeth – her bottom ones – but her two top teeth are just about to peek through! (Still lovin’ that necklace!)
  • can really rock an Easter bonnet. (No, I’m not really the bonnet type, but the dress was a gift given with a stipulation: “I wanna see pictures of that baby in that bonnet!” So I figured, “What the heck? It’s Easter.” And she was the cutest baby-in-a-bonnet there ever was.)


  • has become a very social baby. She’s a good balance of independence (doesn’t have to be held or doted on completely) and social (loves to play and is happy to be held by almost anyone).


  • is learning how to put food into her mouth. She loves her sweet potato puffs. And maybe one in every five she tries to eat she grasps correctly. But the others find their way there, in various states of slobbery-decomposition. Practice makes perfect.
  • has learned to smile for pictures. You bring out the camera and she starts grinnin’!


  • has been a helpful motivation for all the family to realize that life is meant for living together, for loving and making memories …


… and for not taking ourselves too seriously!


4 responses to “8 months (and six days)

  1. Ooooooooohhhh, Rita…..

    You have an absolute angel on your hands. She brings so much joy to everyone that meets her! What a beautiful little person.

  2. She’s too cute. I LOVE that first picture…so fun!!

  3. Precious…what great pictures ! You can really see her personality comin through!

  4. She is just precious! And I love that picture of her flying in the air:) Too cute!

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