We have finally turned a corner in the sleep department, it seems. For about the past two weeks, we’ve been putting her down at 8:45 (almost right on the dot, most nights – I think she’s going to like routine as much as her mom does!). And she sleeps until around 6 or 6:30, when our alarms start to go off. I have determined in the past two weeks that in order to get her to make it all the way to 6 AM, a little bit of rice cereal and fruit really helps a lot! 🙂

My favorite part is that when I’ve laid her down the past few nights, she passes out before the song on her mobile stops playing.

I have gotten overly excited about a random sleep phenomenon before. But it’s been two weeks, so I think it’s safe to say:

A Regular Sleep Pattern has returned to the Polk house!!

On another note, she has a cold: a bad cough and some congestion. The warm spring days followed by cold damp “winter-y” days in the past couple of weeks has really messed up everybody, but especially her. The little cough, while cute, is not my favorite of her noises to hear! I think I may take her to have the doctor listen to her lungs tomorrow. She’s sounding a little raspy.


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