Six Months Old


At six months (half a year?!) old, Miss Ivalee:

  • smiles a LOT. This new smile often involves eyes closed, nose-wrinkled and a really really wide mouth. Kyle and I have earned our Goober Badges for all the silly things we do to coax out one of these big, toothless wonders. Yes, we’re those parents! (If you’re a parent, you’re one too! Either that, or, I’m sorry, but you have an ugly kid.)
  • weighs 17 lbs. 4 oz. and is 26 inches long and her “growth curves” are all “just right”, according to the pediatrician.


  • still loves butternut squash! (Thank you, Bi-Lo for your recent 20c per pound price-reduction.) She eats a lot of carrots and oatmeal. Pears and Apples are becoming more regular in rotation. And, in an effort to continue regular (ahem) regularity (if you catch my drift), we tried some peaches this week. Her first reaction: UP-TURNED NOSE! Gasp! Y’all, if we try tomatoes in the summer and she turns up her nose, I’m taking her back for a DNA test. (I honestly think I could live on peaches and tomatoes!)
  • is trying SO HARD to get her toes in her mouth. She’ll be there soon.
  • hasn’t cut a tooth yet. She still chews on her hands and fingers a lot, but she isn’t fussy like she was last week.


  • sits up on her own for brief periods of time.
  • reaches for everything. This new development is the reason why Kyle and I take our glasses off before we start playing with her anymore.
  • “follows” things with her eyes VERY well. This isn’t THAT new of a development, but it’s improving all the time. Her dad, ever the percussionist, will drum on the pots and pans hanging from the pot rack and then on her high chair table. She’ll watch him so closely and when his drum sticks get close enough, she’ll reach out like “Ooh! Noise-maker! I’ll have that, thankyouverymuch!”


  • sits in her high chair and plays for loooong stretches of time. We put blocks on the “table” part and she shakes them, bites them, knocks them down. Most evenings she’ll sit there long enough for me to cook dinner, eat, and feed her. So nice!
  • entertains herself with new noises she’s learned how to make. Her favorite is “puhh!” She’ll lay in her crib and “talk” to herself in consonant sounds. It’s pretty cute.
  • reaches for me! This is my favorite new development. I’ve been looking forward to it. And I love it as much as I thought I would!

2 responses to “Six Months Old

  1. ivalee snuggles are MANDATORY! I miss that baby girl!

  2. What a GREAT update! Love the pictures=) Cai sounds so much like her, I can’t believe it!

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