Her Mother’s Child

It is widely known throughout my family that every now and then, Rita just freaks out. From excitement or just happiness. The “freak out” is mostly a squeal, a bounce-in-my-seat or hop-up-and-down (depending on whether I’m sitting or standing at the time of said freak-out) and sometimes a stiff arm-extension / jazz fingers combo. (Admittedly it’s not me in my most composed state. I guess that’s why it’s called a “freak out”!)

Ivalee got it from me.

Kyle was out of town this weekend. His band is working on their second EP and they spent two nights in Rock Hill recording. He got back into town right after church started yesterday afternoon. So at the end of the service, he went to pick up Ivalee from the nursery.

He said that as soon as she saw him, she started grinning (almost to the point of dropping her pacifier) and bouncing up and down on the hip of the nursery worker who was holding her.

Then when they got back to the room where I was, Iva was just looking in his face with this HUGE grin on, squealing and shaking her head, rubbing her nose up against Kyle’s face, sinking her fists into his beard and holding on while she squealed and bounced some more.

It was kinda the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.

I think it’s safe to say we’ve entered the phase of “recognizing people”. Over the weekend, my mom was looking at Kyle’s mom’s snow pictures on facebook and every time Kyle’s mom was on the screen, Ivalee was bouncing and grinning. And whenever I go to pick her up from my mom’s in the afternoons, she smiles at me and if I walk past without picking her up, it breaks her heart.


3 responses to “Her Mother’s Child

  1. I just wanted you to know that the possibly related posts that came up were:

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  2. loved this post…SO cute!

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