Teething Troubles

Before Iva was born, I had some misconceptions about parenting newborns.

I assumed that all babies are the same. The same imposition to your sleep schedule and lifestyle, the same (or a comparable) level of difficulty and drama, the same issues and problems to work through and deal with. I always wondered why people would ask new mothers, “Is she a good baby?” I thought that was kind of a retarded question, because ALL BABIES ARE THE SAME!

So if, during the past six months, you’ve heard me rambling about how SURPRISED I am that Iva is SO GOOD!! That’s why. I’ve been genuinely surprised at how easy she is and how she just fit right into our lives without TOO much upset. She’s a good, easy baby.

Enter Teething to upset the apple cart.

Oh. My. Gosh.

Teething pain, compounded with a cold, compounded with the constipation issues that remain, compounded with hitting her six-month growth spurt …

Wow. Just, wow. The screaming. And the drooling. And the snotting. And the crying. And the SCREAMING!

I can feel her tooth poking through her gums. Poor little thing. She’s never really “hurt” before, so the constant pain I’m sure she’s feeling (I know how rough it is to have a toothache!)  has turned her into a little bit of a monster.

For the past two nights, Kyle and I have gotten very little sleep. I guess it’s a rite of parenthood-passage for us, since it’s been too easy up until this point.

Last night, I put her in her crib at 10:30 (Wednesdays are small group night, so she’d been “resting” at my mom’s house until we got home). She fell asleep somewhat quickly. She slept until around 2:30. I  heard her crying and by the time I got up to get her (combination “I cannot possibly get out of this warm bed” and “She’s ok; maybe she’ll go back to sleep”), she had almost drifted back off. So I put her pacifier in her mouth and she closed her eyes. She slept for another hour. And 3:30, I got her up, gave her some Tylenol, nursed her, and assumed she’d fall back asleep.


The pacifier – those blasted things!! – kept falling out of her mouth and she’d CRY for it. I’d stick it back in and seconds later, she’d spit it back out. This went on for about 30 minutes. I finally just took her back to her crib and put her in there. She fussed for about 10 minutes before Kyle went in there and put her pacifier back in for the final time. Then she drifted back off until Kyle’s alarm went off at 7.

I’m ready to admit it: I’ve been spoiled. I’ve been taken aback by the sudden change of temperament. I’m not adjusting well.

But this is not forever. This is just for a season. And it will end soon.


I’ve tried: Teething tablets, Tylenol, cold teething toys, and rubbing her gums.

I have not tried: Orajel or a really high proof liquor. Both are on my shopping list!


3 responses to “Teething Troubles

  1. Why can’t they be born with teeth? Seriously. All of the little ones in my “mommy group” are teething. I’m dreading it.

  2. one other thing that worked for my kiddoes was a frozen washcloth- get it wet, store it in the freezer in a ziplock bag and pull out when needed – supposedly it conforms to the shape of the gums and doesn;t hurt like a teething ring can – good luck!

  3. I am so there with you. I can’t tell if Cai is teething or not but he’s just been so sick and feverish and yesterday add in his 6 mon. shots and thie growth spurt. He’s been getting up early for the past 3 days and wanting to eat ALL DAY LONG!

    This too shall pass…right?! Keep it up, it WILL be over soon and you’ll have your sweet little baby back=)

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