Lullaby and Good Night

My prayers are being answered. Sleep is happening!!

Ivalee (and I) just slept eight hours straight, she nursed and is back asleep now. I’m joining her momentarily, but I just needed to commemorate this blessed event with a celebratory blog post: YAYYY!!!

Maegen, I’ve gotta give you credit. she always has good nights when you come over. Which only means one thing: Hurry up and get a job in Moncks Corner!! 🙂


3 responses to “Lullaby and Good Night

  1. Yah, that’s great! How old is your daughter and what is your trick for getting her to sleep eight straight hours?

  2. She’s five months old. And there are no tricks. She’s starting on solids, so she may go to bed more full than she used to. I tried the cereal-in-her-milk thing, but it was a lot of work with no visible payoff.

    Last night, she played hard and wore herself out, nursed, fell asleep and woke me up eight hours later! We’ll see if it becomes a pattern. :fingers crossed:

  3. Yeah, I’m SO excited for you! Oh precious sleep…I hope it comes again for you tonight=)

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