For several reasons – cost, nutrition, convenience, and did I mention cost? – I have been making Iva’s food. And so far, we’ve hit homeruns with almost all the foods we’ve tried. Her first solid was avocado, and she didn’t love it immediately. But there’s still lots in the freezer, so we’ll try it again soon. She looooves butternut squash. It’s her favorite. Carrots are a close second. My mom smashed up a bit of banana last night and she inhaled it! And the first time she tried oatmeal – over the weekend – I gave it to her with a bit of apple. Epic fail. So we’ll save the apples for another day. 🙂 (Don’t worry though. The apples didn’t go to waste! I ate ’em!)

So far, so good on the solid food front.

Also I’ve gotta brag on Mrs. Cindy Belcher from church. She kept the nursery on Sunday night. She fed Iva and her shirt and bib were both still spotless. Quite a feat, as she’s not the neatest eater. Or maybe I’m just not the neatest feeder.


4 responses to “Yum!

  1. Rita – the pic of Iva in that seat holding her feet is ridiculously cute!!!

  2. Iva,

    Your mom is a great feeder….I just have way too many years of practice on her.

    Ms. Cindy

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