Ivalee Laughs

One day after I posted the update that she hadn’t started laughing yet …

… she started laughing. Music to my ears.


6 responses to “Ivalee Laughs

  1. baby giggles. her makes me happy!

  2. (this is sara)

    YES!!! it IS the most wonderful sound ever — isn’t it every time a baby laughs, an angel gets wings? or peter pan doesn’t die, or tinker bell doesn’t die…. or something… i can’t remember 🙂

    i absolutely adore the pictures in the previous post, too. you’re right, she is looking more like you. people have been telling me the same about james’ eyes, which sends this wonderful little shiver of pride up my belly, heehee!

  3. Yay Iva!!! Her laugh sounds like Nathan’s. 🙂 Craig thought I was watching another video of him. Haha. At least they share something in common!

  4. You should know that Alex and I sat here and watched this twice smiling like goofy idiots. She’s so cute!

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