Five Months


At 5 months, Miss Ivalee:

  • blows lots of bubbles (and spits)
  • has a bit of a cold
  • loves carrots and butternut squash; doesn’t like avacados so much
  • IMG_5645

  • rolls over all the time — she’s still better at back to belly than belly to back. She’s done both, but the belly to back always seems to surprise her. She’ll  lay there like, “Whoa! What just happened?”
  • grabs her feet every time she’s sitting up in her swing, Bumbo seat, bouncy seat, or carseat
  • IMG_5611_2

  • does “crunches” when she’s laying on the floor to try and grab those toes
  • smiles a LOT, but hasn’t really laughed yet
  • wakes up singing in the mornings
  • is starting to look a smidge more like me — though, somehow, she’s still the spitting image of her daddy. Funny how that works, huh?

photoCan you see it right in her eyes?

  • has decided to change up her sleep schedule so she can sleep more at night and less during the day — I think I might need to work on this one with her, as it’s made her a wee bit cranky.
  • still quiets down immediately when we turn the white noise on. Very helpful, especially when we’re staying in a full hotel room, like we were last weekend! 🙂
  • hasn’t slept all the way through the night yet. I’ve always thought that I wasn’t in a big rush for this, but … come to think of it, an uninterrupted night of sleep would actually be really nice. Haven’t had one of those in a few months! 🙂
  • loves music! We’ve almost always got music going in the house and on the occasions that we don’t, she helps us remember! 🙂


  • is still the sweetest thing you’ve ever seen!!



3 responses to “Five Months

  1. I just love those pictures – she’s a doll!

  2. I LOVE that picture of her holding her toes…SO cute! and the one of Kyle holding her while he plays the drums. Her and Cai really ARE on track together=) Loved the update!

  3. She is just precious! I love the picture of her in the bumbo.

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