Four Months

Little Miss is 15 lb. 10 oz. as of today.

She had two shots and an oral vaccine at her appointment this afternoon. She handled them well at the doctors office, but has needed a little extra attention tonight. She’s been a little fussier than normal. All part of the process, I assume.

I got some carrots on a BOGO sale this week and so I steamed them and put them in the freezer. At four months, it’s ok to start introducing solids. I talked to her pediatrician today and she said between 4-6 months is typical and a good time frame to shoot for.

Iva is still nursing like a pro and hasn’t shown much interest in food yet. The only experience I have to compare her to is Nathan, my nephew. Amy said he was ready for solids right at four months. She could tell because he was beginning to flatten out his tongue and reach for their food. Iva could care less at this point. So we’ll see how it goes over the next few weeks. I’m sure we’ll figure it out together. And when she’s ready, I’ll have plenty if apples, carrots, squash, pears, beans, and cereal ready for her!


2 responses to “Four Months

  1. Go Iva!!!

    And not starting solids yet also saves money! Always important with a baby in the house. 🙂

  2. Cai is the same way. Not so interested in solids yet either…I don’t mind though. The baby food stage is one of my least favorites so we’ll hold out as long as we can=)

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