A Birthday Surprise


A little back-story: Last year, my sister tried to surprise me for my birthday. She and Derek drove up from Georgia for the weekend and tried to keep it quiet, but Mendy’s refusal to tell “white lies” in the surprise efforts ruined the surprise effect. I walked in the front door of Momma’s house and yelled to her – hiding in the kitchen – “Hi, Mendy!” She came out with her hands on her hips and said, “How did you know!?”

So this year, I was determined to show her how a birthday surprise really works.

On Monday of last week, I told Kyle, “I’m thinking about going to Virginia with my parents this weekend. What do you think?” He was going to be working on Saturday, so it would be a Kyle-less trip, and I didn’t want to take off without him if he’d rather I didn’t. So he said he didn’t mind, and my plotting began.

I called Kyle’s mom, told my mom, and between the four of us who knew, we wove a web of deceit that ultimately culminated in this moment:


While I was taking this picture, I said, “Now THIS is how you do a birthday surprise!”

She responded by slapping my arm, calling me a dog, and stealing my baby.

We had a really great visit with the Goebels. It was good to see their new place, meet a few of their new friends, and visit with them.

Ok, the pictures. I know it’s what you came here for anyway.





pardon me, did you see how cute my daughter is?







One response to “A Birthday Surprise

  1. I just want to kiss both her and Wesley’s little cheeks!

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