with gratitude

This month has kinda kicked my behind most recently. But in the spirit of Thanksgiving, I shall choose to focus on the positive. I think it will do my heart and my mind good.

I am thankful for:

* my husband, Kyle Polk. His sense of humor and levelheadedness keep me balanced. He is the yin to my yang. He’s such a great father to our daughter. He’s a good man to have in the family — I think we all agree. He’s one in a million-bazillion.

* Ivalee. I know most moms think their babies are awesome. But seriously, she is such a good baby. So good that I’m hesitant to consider future children. We couldn’t be lucky enough to strike gold twice.

* our church and the people there. We’ve been through some strange stuff in the past few weeks and month. And we haven’t scared them off yet. It must be true, then. They are just good people. So glad to have them in our life.

* my family. The whole of it. My parents and siblings and my mother-in-law. Good people. They have all celebrated Iva’s arrival and have been so helpful and understanding and accomodating. Selflessly going out of their ways to be helpful. So nice.

* my job. Like any other job, it has it’s days. But on the whole, FBC is a good place to work. I have caring coworkers who love me and care for me and my family. Most work environments aren’t as awesome as mine.

* good friends. They are not a dime a dozen. In fact, quite the opposite. A good friend is a thing of great value. Good ones stand with you through the tough stuff and big life transitions as easily as through the simple, fun times. We have been blessed with great friends who not only stand with us, but cheer for us and pray for us in good and bad.


One response to “with gratitude

  1. great post. Counting our blessings is absolutely a must do!

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