Going to Granny Ede’s House

We spent a few days in Hampton this past weekend. It was Iva’s first trip to her Granny Ede’s house. Ms. Edith had a lot of the family over for dinner and to meet Ivalee.

It was also a good weekend to visit, since two of Kyle’s good friends were visiting their families that weekend — one from Charlotte and the other from Seattle.


It is becoming apparent to me that Iva loves all bouncy seats — except the one at our house. She’ll kick and play and smile and try to “talk” to the toys above her head when she’s bouncing in the seats at my mom’s house or Kyle’s mom’s house. But not on the one at home.

But who needs a bouncy seat, when you’ve got Daddy’s legs?


Does that look like a comfy napping spot, or what?


Cuddling with Aunt RoseAnn


Isn’t she lovely?


Even in ugly old orange and purple! Ms. Edith’s boyfriend, Doug, is a former Clemson football player and HUGE fan. They bought this onesie for her and they all wore their attire during the game. We all credit Ivalee with the Clemson win on Saturday.



Kyle’s Four Generations Picture



Getting kisses from Philip 🙂




We have pictures of Kyle’s grandma, Iva Lee, holding baby Kyle in this rocking chair.



4 responses to “Going to Granny Ede’s House

  1. Rita Ms. Iva Lee is so precious!!

  2. I CANNOT get over how cute Iva is!!!

  3. I agree, adorable. 🙂

    Also I love the look on Kyle’s face in the 4-generations pic. So contented.

    But most of all, I LOVE your ring sling!

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