Ivalee Meeting Iva Lee’s People

Saturday was a very special day. First of all, these two happy people were wed:

Mr. Brian and Mrs. Jana O’Grady
(Jana is Kyle’s cousin)
This marked Ivalee’s fourth wedding she’s attended in her 9 weeks of life. (Apparently 2009 is a year for having babies and getting married if you’re in my circle!) But also, and most importantly, she got to meet some very important people. People who have been waiting to meet her for many months.
Ivalee was named for Kyle’s paternal grandmother, Iva Lee Bishop Polk, who passed away when Kyle and I were in high school. And Jana, the bride, is a cousin of Kyle’s in the Bishop family. So we were there to meet Iva Lee’s people. (Some I had met. Some I had not.) Among those were some of her closest friends. Those who miss her still and are honored, in her absence, by our choice to give her a namesake.

First, there’s Aunt Virginia Bishop. She was married to Iva Lee’s brother, Walton. From the stories I’ve heard, Iva Lee & Gordon and Virginia & Walton were very close. They went camping together often and were all very close. (I’m sure John or Kyle or someone in the family could tell more interesting stories, but … I’m still learning!) 😀


And Chloe and Salome Bishop — sisters and Iva Lee’s double first cousins.  (They are the ladies who made the stuffed dog for Ivalee that’s in her crib, pictured here.) And it was almost dinnertime. She didn’t cry the whole time they held her! Promise! 😀

All three ladies were so thrilled to get a chance to love on our little one.  And Chloe told me at one point while she was holding her, “This baby has made a lot of people very happy. Especially me!”

Jana does a great job of illustrating almost everyone’s first reaction to seeing her: touching the hair. Though I understand, after this weekend, she shouldn’t be surprised by it. Apparently that’s a Bishop family trait!







One response to “Ivalee Meeting Iva Lee’s People

  1. Great pics! (Cute sling!) looks like you all had a fun time. 🙂

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