Baby Changes Everything

Ben Folds was the musician that Kyle and I could agree on in the car. “Songs for Silverman” is particularly good for its “pop”-ness and sing-along-ability that satisfies me. And yet it also appeals to Kyle, the opinionated, and often highly selective (which is a nice way of saying “picky”) Musician.

But this weekend, as we drove from Charlotte to Columbia, this song came on.

And I was glad I was putting on my make-up so I was already covering my eyes. Kyle couldn’t see the tears.


Also, she’s up to 11 lbs. 12 oz. and handled her shots better than I did. She’s awesome.


3 responses to “Baby Changes Everything

  1. thanks for the mid-afternoon cry 🙂 that was really nice… makes me wanna have a girl

  2. That song’s on my iPod, and it even makes me cry. And let me tell you, one gets some strange looks crying at the gym.

  3. aw, so beautiful! Thanks for posting this.

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