Meeting The Family

This weekend, I took Ivalee (and Craig and Amy brought Nathan too!) to meet my (our) grandparents and family in Georgia. It was a whirlwind trip, putting 800 miles on the new car in just three days, but it was a very good trip!! We got to spend good time with everyone and though it was quick, nothing really felt rushed, so that was good.

with my Aunt Barbara

Her newest trick is to mimic facial expressions when you’re talking to her. She’ll move her mouth like she’s trying so hard to talk. It’s pretty cute. That’s what’s happening here, I think.

Mendy was sad that she and Derek and Wesley didn’t get to come, so we Skyped with them so Pappaw could “meet” Wesley.

IMG_4810The Goebels … as they really are.

IMG_4817with Mama Dot — my mom’s stepmom. She and my Pappaw have been married for 19 years.

IMG_4837with my Pappaw

Bathtime in the sink


IMG_4859This is Mrs. Rita Harris — my mom’s best friend, for whom I was named. (She also reads my blog! Hi, Mrs. Rita!! I’ll send you a copy of this picture asap! Glad you got to hold her / meet her / come for a visit!!)

Craig’s Four Generations Picture with my mom’s side

My Four Generations Picture

Kyle said this picture looks like American Gothic – Grandparents Edition

Me, holding a baby, trying to tell someone how to use my camera 🙂

We tried Skype with Granny, but she didn’t really understand what was happening. Aunt Janice and Aunt Karen enjoyed it, though! And Mendy got to show Wesley off again.

She’s talking to Aunt Janice here! 🙂

Nathan smiles at Granddaddy and Aunt Karen

Craig’s Four Generations on my dad’s side

My Four Generations on my dad’s side




4 responses to “Meeting The Family

  1. It makes me cry a bit to see them all holding Nathan and Iva. Especially granny. I hope Wesley isn’t too squirmy for her to hold him when we get our chance!

    • Holding Iva, she twice looked at me and asked how old she was. And when I’d say 7 weeks, she’d say, with surprise on her face, “She’s active!” 😀

  2. How fun! Looks like little Iva got to meet EVERYONE=) Glad you had a good trip.

  3. What great pictures and a good looking family! I’m so glad you got to have such a wonderful non-rushed visit. Also, you look beautiful! And Iva looks SO big! I’m going to need to come see her again before she has her driver’s license.

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