Nursery … Almost There!!

A few days after Iva was born, my friend who was making the curtains for me brought them by. Being a very new mom at the time (my, how relative that term is), I was a little preoccupied. So then went into the crib where they have sat for the past couple of weeks. I bought the curtain rods a week or so ago and so I was just waiting on the day when motivation would set in and I would go make it happen.

Well motivation hit yesterday. Iva’s getting herself on somewhat of a schedule and I’m not as tired/sore as I have been. So I took advantage of her afternoon nap time. I ironed and hung the curtains! So the nursery is almost finished. Only two things I can think of that will make it completely done. 1) I have to take all the extra blinds off. Just another matter of time and motivation. 2) I’d like a rug in there. But it’s not that important for the time being, so … all in due time.

But for now … photos!!



I’m not completely thrilled with the “drape” in how I’ve got these tied up.
I think I need someone with “the touch” to come and fix them for me and then I can trim the extra ribbon off the ends.
But at any rate, they’re beautiful … even without “the touch”. 🙂




My Aunt Janice made the brown bear for me when I was a kid.
And the dog was made by Chloe and Salome for Iva. They’re in Kyle’s family — I believe they were his grandmother’s cousins, but I could be wrong.
They made dogs for Kyle and John when they were kids and Iva’s dog is just like her Uncle John’s.


The Closet — with a curtain to cover the chaos!! 😀
See the hairbow hanger? It’s a gift from my best friend, Anna
(who is a girly-girl, with two daughters who have not so much hair, but that doesn’t stop her from attaching bows to their heads in other creative ways)
Anna gave me the hairbow hanger. Really it’s just a round picture frame with two ribbons hanging from it.
But all the bows are gifts from Anna. She promises to keep me stocked up. I imagine it will only keep filling up! 🙂


And the shelf o’ baby stuff.

Ok. I now have an opinion on how much stuff is enough. Admittedly, my view is very limited, but I post this for the benefit of Cassie, Susan, Kelsey and whatever other first time mom has the questions I had a few weeks ago.

I have entirely too many washcloths! See the basket with the striped liner on the 3rd shelf? FULL of washcloths. Too many. I’ve used about four. Maybe that many washcloths will come in handy one day?? Burpcloths. It’s impossible to have too many!! Especially the Circo burpcloths from Target. They’re the best!! They’re thicker and more absorbent than all the other cloths I have. This may not be ideal for when she starts eating solid food, but while she’s nursing … it is very nice. I have four of them; and I’ll probably get more before it’s all said and done. Hooded Towels. I have four. I use three. It’s always good to have an extra, I suppose. Blankets. I have probably 12 receiving blankets. And that’s a good amount, because after a really good spit-up, the blanket can be a back-up burpcloth and be replaced very easily. (This happens somewhat often! We’ve learned to keep two burpcloths, a bib, and an extra receiving blanket handy at the beginning of each feeding.) Three pack and play sheets was the answer. Two padded ones and one just regular one is what I ended up with. Makes for a nice rotation. (She sleeps in the pack and play in our room these days. Not sure for how long, but three sheets will hold up for a while! 🙂 )


5 responses to “Nursery … Almost There!!

  1. Iva’s room is beautiful. I love the fabric you chose and the cover for the closet looks really nice! Way to go on the extra motivation.

    I agree whole-heartedly with your baby “stuff” run-down;)

  2. thanks so much for the advice – I have zero hooded towels right now and very few burp cloths and no pack and play sheets….now I know what to spend my gift card money on!

    the nursery looks great!!

  3. P.S. I plan to take the doors off of Ladybug’s closet too because the bedroom door and closet door can hit each other and that drives me CRAZY

  4. Looks gorgeous!! All of those washcloths will come in handy when you start feeding her solids. You will use a ton!!

  5. I agree w/ Amber and will add that the washcloths are a lifesaver once they start feeding themselves. Messy face, messy hands, messy hair, messy elbows, messy belly button… you get the idea 😉

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