Five Years

So every year on or near our anniversary, I try to write something sweet about my husband. How he’s the best decision I’ve ever made. How I can’t imagine doing life without him. How it really does just keep getting better and better.

Anniversary Number Five definitely seems like an occasion to document, but due to major life changes over the past few weeks – ones which may or may not be responsible for a severe lack of sleep in my life – I have only one thought today.

Kyle Polk brought me flowers today. Ones which sat on the kitchen counter completely unnoticed for the whole day, until he got home from work and took the baby. Beautiful flowers and a few minutes to myself – with a bowl of Froot Loops – while he happily entertained our fussy child. Best anniversary gift ever.

We work together, Kyle Polk. I’m happy to call you mine. Here’s to many more five- year anniversaries.

I love you.


5 responses to “Five Years

  1. That is how love is supposed to be. Have your husband check out my new blog. It sounds like something he and maybe you might enjoy.

  2. your anniversary posts always make me cry, and this one did not break tradition

  3. Happy anniversary! Sweet post anyway=)

  4. happy anniversary – it’s the small things that mean the most


  5. awww! I have goosebumps. 🙂 Happy 5th!

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