After Bath Time

IMG_4546 (snifffff … can’t you just smell that sweet baby smell?)


9 responses to “After Bath Time

  1. Beautiful…i can almost smell the lavender.

  2. Love that smell…I still can’t get over how much hair she has=)

  3. Ohmygoodness. Seriously. I will need to be seeing her again SOON.

  4. She is so precious!!! Congrats to both of you!! Oh, byt the way I have some clothes and shoes that Natalie has completely outgrown….tell me how to get them to you and they are yours. Kiss that baby for me 🙂

    • Stephanie, is it convenient for you to drop them off in the office at FBC? My mom can get them to me that way. Just mark tags if there’s anything you want returned.

      • I will drop it off to her today! Feel free to keep or pass along what I give you cause I am not going to have anymore children. The only thing that I would like back is my container that everything is in. ENJOY!!!

      • Sorry I didn’t not get to get those clothes to your mom today….had a lot going on….I will try to take them by there on my lunch break tomorrow @ 12. Again I am sorry!

  5. I gotta get a scratch ‘n sniff computer ’cause I NEED to smell that baby! She looks SO relaxed, as if she’s taking a whiff of her own goodness. 🙂 Love it!

  6. Rita, she is SUCH a beautiful baby!!!! I love her!!!

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