(This one contains a good dose of TMI for those of you who desire to skip such an entry. You’ve been warned.)

So the Protein Test I had to do over the past 24 hours? I had to pee in a jug for 24 hours. (Yummy, right?) Because who doesn’t want to carry around a jug of their own urine every time they have to go to the bathroom?

Worse yet — when I get to the doctor’s office to drop off the (ahem) “specimen”, she says, “What? This isn’t cold at all? Where has it been?”

“Ma’am. That’s pee. Pee is not typically cold.”

“Oh, you were supposed to

(wait for it)


So as a word of warning, in case any of you other pregnant (or non-pregnant) ladies (or men brave enough to read on beyond the warning) have to have a Protein Test ever … you have to refrigerate (or otherwise keep cool) your pee.

I’m scatterbrained and all, but I promise I would remember if someone had told me I had to refrigerate my pee. That is 100% ludicrous.


They told me they won’t know until after they get the results back whether I’ll have to repeat this exercise in craziness. Hopefully Iva comes out before we have to worry about it anyway. :siiiiigh:


2 responses to “NOBODY TOLD ME!!

  1. rediculous indeed! I didn’t have to refridgerate mine! what in the world?!

  2. Thanks Rita – you made my day – I laughed so hard picturing your day.

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