37-Week Appointment

Ok, August. We get it! You’re hot! Stop showing off and give us a break, wouldja?

Yesterday was my 37-week appointment. Kyle got to go with me, so that was good. I’m still at 2-cm, 70%, but she’s moved up to between -2 or -1 station. Some progress. Not a LOT, but … all in due time, I suppose.

Apparently the fat legs aren’t just a concern to me anymore. My blood pressure was elevated when I first went in yesterday [131/70 … it’s usually 107/60], so I’m sure that had something to do with their decision to do The Protein Test. And since my sister had the ‘clampsia with her pregnancy (“family history”), they’re testing me to see if I do as well.

Y’all, these things HURT. It feels like my whole feet and legs are bruised because the skin is pulled so tight. At least it’s just water and it’ll go away quickly after she’s born. But, if asked, this would definitely be my LEAST FAVORITE PART of this pregnancy. Yowie!

Yesterday morning I noticed a decline in activity. The past few days, she’s been really active in the mornings and really knockin’ around in there. Yesterday morning, she moved around much less. So I mentioned that to Tonya. She said, “We’ll hook you up to the fetal monitor for a little bit this morning, just to make sure everything’s ok.” Everything was ok. She just wouldn’t stay awake. But finally, near the end she woke up and her heart rate and activity increased normally. Iva is gonna be a hard sleeper, just like her Momma.

(For the record, they checked my BP again after taking me off the fetal monitor and I was back at 110/63.)

And then last night, in a completely frustrating turn of events, Iva kept me awake until after 1:30 AM. Methinks she had her day and night confused yesterday. Let’s hope this doesn’t become a pattern.


3 responses to “37-Week Appointment

  1. Wow 37 weeks!!!!

    Yeah I’d like to ask August to back off too – I mean, June and July were so polite. Couldn’t we have gotten introduced to the hotness of summer slowly? 🙂

    Glad everything is going well – can’t wait to see pictures of sweet Iva!

  2. sounds to me like someone’s getting closer to making her grand entrance ….. Friday’s good for me :o)

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