36-Week Appointment Update

(Be warned, Travis. I’m talking about being pregnant and having a baby in this one!) 😀

Tonya started it off by coming in the room, big smile on, saying, “Can you believe you’re at 36-weeks already?!” Yes!! Every inch of my body believes it!!

So, in a ‘to the point’ fashion, I haven’t progressed MUCH (if any) further from last week. Still at 70% and and a solid 2 cm. Blood pressure’s good. Blood sugar and protein levels are great. So … no cause for concern in the present. And I’m at full term on Friday.

They did go ahead and set an induction appointment. Thursday, August 27th, though I’ve been told by both midwives now that they will be very surprised if I make it that far.

But Amy and I have an idea that she needs to be born THIS Friday, in order to continue the pattern that Wesley and Nathan have established.

Wesley’s birthday was Friday, March 27th.
Nathan’s birthday was Friday, July 17th.
So Iva’s needs to be Friday, August 7th. 😀


In other, somewhat related news: Kyle’s mom came to visit this past weekend, and boy did she work hard! She kept saying she was “hyper” and so she hit our house like a TORNADO! Everything in the house was cleaned! She washed every stitch of laundry in the house – including our shower curtains, floor mats, and blankets. She cooked up several things of food to put in the freezer for later “thaw and heat” ease. And MAN, are we grateful for her help! It was so nice having her here!! We got to spend a lot of time with her — more than we’ve been able to in a while. Good quality family time is always cherished.

During the afternoon, she kicked us out of the house and sent us to Walmart, where Kyle and I had to buy a few items for our “hospital bag”. So we’ve got everything together for it. And last night, Kyle picked out her “going home outfit(s)”. Now I just have to put together some clothes for myself and let Kyle pack the bag. And we’ll be ready to roll at a moment’s notice!


7 responses to “36-Week Appointment Update

  1. Rita,
    I’ m soooo praying for you to have her early!! It would be so awesome if she continued in the pattern! I love stuff like that!

    Anyway, have a great week! Enjoy this time with your hubby!

  2. August 7th has a good ring to it – I’m keeping my fingers crossed!

  3. Althoug on second though – 08.08 looks very nice when having to write your d.o.b., so maybe just wait one more day – or hold it a little longer and shoot for 09.09.09 😉

  4. This Friday works for me too :o) It’d be nice if she kept up the pattern.

  5. You are _ready_ to HAVE A BABY. This is SO exciting. As if I need to tell you that. 😀

  6. glad your appointment went well! What a super nice MIL you have! Yay!

    I’m surprised to hear of a midwife “setting an induction date”, that seems pretty unusual. Did they say why? obviously it’s a ways off, but you’ll just barely be 40 weeks by then… is it a diabetes thing?

    I must say, your date logic sounds nice, but being past 38 weeks sounds much nicer, less likely to have troubles with sleep apnea. 😉 Hang int here, it’s almost there!

    Hugs! -L

    • The induction is a diabetes thing. Initially my midwife told me she didn’t want to see me get past 39 weeks, 5 days. But she’s not on rotation that week until I’m at 39 weeks, 6 days. So, yeh. One day before my due date. Whatever. At this point (REALLY ACHY swollen feet and just generally exhausted) I’m just ready to see the end of this thing.

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