More Info on the “WHOA!”

Yesterday’s post-midwife visit update was posted almost immediately after my appointment. I was still in a bit of shock. During the past couple of weeks, I’d gotten used to the idea that they “weren’t going to let her stay in there past August 25”. And repeating that to those who ask “How much longer?” over and over, I’d trained my brain to believe this was going to be a slow process where nothing would happen and they would have to take her on August 25.

I’ve not been paying much attention to my body. I’d just resigned to the fact that I still have a month to wait, and things will start progressing a little later. So when I went in for my appointment yesterday, I knew that it was going to be a full exam (my first). And I found out that things are already progressing.

A few soundbites that I remember, even through my shock:

  • “I don’t know how much longer you’re going to be able to work. You need to take it easy. We need to keep her in there until you’re at 37 weeks – at the end of next week.”
  • “Go home at night, prop up your feet and lay on your left side.”
  • “Walk a lot.” (Still trying to figure out how to combine those two.)
  • “We’re going to see that baby a lot sooner than we were thinking, I believe.”
  • Something about her position being favorable, but my ears were so fogged up with “2 cm dilated, 70% effaced” that I forgot to listen for further information. “Favorable” seems nice, though, so we’ll go with that.

So last night, we got the bouncer, the diaper pail, and the pack & play set up. And I think we may need to exchange the pack & play for a smaller one, as you have to almost completely disassemble it just to roll it from room-to-room in our small little house. So, we’ll see about that. (If that’s what we decide to do, Good Luck To Us in getting that thing put back in the box!)

And I just found out this morning that his mom is coming to spend the weekend with us this weekend. She wants to help us get some things knocked off our To Do List before the Big Day comes! That will be nice!!! Looking forward to that, for sure!!


4 responses to “More Info on the “WHOA!”

  1. Your midwife sounds pretty nice. πŸ™‚ She’s right, walking and otherwise taking it easy is importnant. (my mom’s mantra is: “Don’t stand if you can sit, don’t sit if you can walk!”) Avoiding stress will help a lot, which is probably why she said something about taking off from work. Oh and DRINK! Dehydration can being on more contractions. But be reassured, I’ve knows gals to walk around at 3cm for 3 weeks or better!

    Ok, the doula in me should quit now, lol, sorry!

    As your friend I just say: “Isn’t it awesome that God, the God who loves you infinitely, has already planned her birthday with the best of both of you in mind?! (and don’t you wish He’d tell ya what He’s planned???)” πŸ™‚

    • Laura,

      PLEASE, child! The doula in you could “bore” me like that all day long!! This is why I wish you’d just get in the car and head my way!

      And YES I wish I could read His mind!!

  2. The doula in me agrees with Laura! Haha!

    Stay hydrated and rest up. If this is coming soon you’ll need all the energy you can get! Also, don’t get over excited. Adrenaline can actually slow labor. Take it easy and remember you’ll have her here before you know it.

    I’ll continue to pray that she’ll come the natural way. =)

  3. Hi Rita – I’ve got a travel pack and play – paid $45 for it at the consignment shop – don’t know if you’d want to trade – but you’re welcome to look at it – is it smaller.

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