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Ok, Moms. I need your input. And I highly suspect I’ll get varying opinions on this, but I just wanna put the question out there for The Pros to chime-in on. As I’ve mentioned, storage is a bit of an issue in our nursery. So I’m just wondering HOW MANY of each of these things I REALLY “need”.

  • At my showers this weekend, I’m told I didn’t get enough hooded towels. I have four. How many do I need?
  • I got lots of crib sheets, shared a couple with my mom for the crib at her house, returned a few, and kept three. Is that enough?
  • Waterproof Mattress Pads. I only have one. I’ll want at least one more, right?
  • I have around 10 or so burp cloths — and a hand-full more on the way from my sister, who’s having them decorated for me. Plenty, right??
  • I’m not even going to ask about bibs. I have tons. No exact count, but I know I have at LEAST 15. Probably more like 20 or so, though.
  • Blankets/Swaddlers – I have three or four swaddlers (given to me by my sister, because Wesley couldn’t stand the things). And we have several blankets. We registered for a few that we liked, and didn’t think about the fact that people would also be making some for us. So we’ve gotten a lot. I’ve already taken back a few. Most of the store-bought ones we are DEFINITELY keeping are ones that are thicker and can be used to lay on the floor during playtime. But how many do we need, really? We probably have about four or so. (I’m not talking about receiving blankets. We have a good amount of those. I’m happy with the amount of those that we are keeping.)
  • I have one Pack & Play sheet. My sister got none and used her receiving blankets as “sheets” when Wesley would nap in there. But I’m pretty sure my pack & play is bigger than hers. Not sure that would work for me. This will be where Iva will sleep (in our room) for the first little bit. So I’m thinking definitely more than one. Any input?

Ok. Comment away.


11 responses to “For The Moms

  1. Ok I’m not a mom yet so I can’t help but I’m excited to see what others say because I’m pretty curious myself!

  2. i think that’s plenty of hooded towels… we’ve just hung james’ up after drying him off (2 baths or so) unless he poops on it before we can get a diaper on him.

    i have about 18 burp cloths and i HOPE that’s enough – the milk gets stinky on them really fast. in our case, anyway.

    we have 3 crib sheets and that’s been plenty. he actually hasn’t had any diaper blow outs/spit ups during the night yet, so we haven’t had to change his sheets yet (other than just washing them normally).

    it’s lookin’ good to me! of course, we’re only a month into this thing 🙂

    oh, and i agree on the 2 mattress pads.

  3. Hooded towels – we have 4 and it is plenty. Babies don’t get baths every day and you’re likely to be doing baby laundry every 2 or 3 days anyway!

    Crib sheets – I imagine 3 is plenty. I have bunches, but really would survive fine with 2 or 3.

    Mattress pad – Yes, have at least 2… one for the bed and one that is waiting for laundry to be done.

    Burp cloths – I survive fine with 10 or 15 of them. As stated before, you’ll be doing laundry for baby a LOT anyway due to spit-up and poop messes.

    Bibs – this is something I am going through a TON of lately. Lydia drools like a madwoman and can go through 3-4 per day if I want to keep her dry. But you can always buy more later if you feel you need them.

    Blankets – sounds like you are fine

    PnP sheets – I have 2 sheets. It’s really safer to use the fitted sheets for the PnP than a separate blanket, especially if you’ll be putting baby in there at night (such as when travelling). I was glad to have the spare sheet when Lydia’s diaper leaked at night during one of our trips out of town.

  4. Wow, I’ve gone through 4 kids with way less than all that, lol.

    I’d say you’re pretty good, except maybe the pack’n’play sheets… those are hard to find in the right size and I’d say if you can get a few spares do so. We had two pack-n-plays: one for our house and one for the car trunk just in case we ended up needing a nap anywhere that wasn’t home, like church or when I was at a conference or at an aunt’s house type thing… We did all naps in the pack-n-play at home so our kids were used to it and then it was a familiar place away from home to sleep.

    As for blankets, we found that fleece with a crocheted edge was the BEST for “blankie”-ability plus soft-warmth. Something about kids and crocheted blankies!

    Just how I did it, not for everyone. 😉 You’re gonna be such an awesome mom!

  5. I have two of my own and I agree with what Sarah Pirolli said. When you have a little one you will do A LOT of laundry so you will not need as many of certain things. If you want….as Natalie grows out of her stuff I can pass her clothes to you and baby Iva. I know that I LOVE hand me downs, but not everybody dose….just let me know.

  6. I figure I read your blog enough, that I might as well start commenting on it!

    I think you are good for most of it.

    My girls were HUGE spitters so we needed LOTS of burp clothes (but I just used the cloth diapers and sewed on some pretty ribbons….and they come in a pack of 10!)

    You are good on crib sheets, towels, and bibs (my all time favorite bib when my girls got older was the baby bjourn bib… fabulous.!)

    You might need one or two more pack n play sheets and I agree on one more mattress pad.

    For the swaddlers, I had two that I loved, and just used those over and over again. You have to make sure that they are SUPER tight or they won’t like it all. Matt seriously thought I was crazy the first few times he saw me wrap up the girls.

    It looks like not too much longer!

    • Allie,

      You’re right! It’s about time you commented! 🙂

      I gave Mendy a pack of six (or so) cloth diapers that I believe you will be helping her to “decorate” when she gets home! 🙂 (Someone gave me plain ones, and I figured we might as well just make those pretty rather than buy a whole new pack!) So … thanks in advance!

  7. You sound like you’re good. One thing my mom taught me though is to put two fitted sheets on the crib, with some sort of barrier in between them (disposable changing pad, etc.) so if the baby has an accident in the middle of the night you can just strip the wet one off and have a dry sheet underneath. And my son always had one of those heavy flannel lap pads under his head while he slept b/c he was a spitter, which helped limit sheet changes.

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