Nursery Pictures

The Crib:


(All the extra crib sheets and blankets are located in the drawer underneath. They’re already washed and dried and ready for use.)

The Crib being used by Wesley and Elle:


(have you ever seen so much cute baby chubby leg in one picture in your life? I thought you probably hadn’t!)

The Closet:


(This is not an accurate portrayal of the amount of clothes that we actually have, as there are still two loads of things waiting to be washed and dried and rehung. I suffer from Lack of Storage in this room and, while we’re waiting on the changing table to make its way to our house, we’re piling things up in baskets on the shelf and in the closet. But I’m pretty sure we have plenty of hangers, don’t you think?!) 🙂

The Shelf:


(This, holding a couple more baskets, will end up being our main source of non-closet storage. So far, it’s holding a basket containing all the washcloths we were given with all the soap and shampoo we’ve got, another basket holding all her pajamas and sleep-sacks, another basket with toys and teethers, and another basket with bibs and burpcloths. And a few random things that I’ve gotta figure out where they’ll best be stored.)

The Corner of Boxes of Things That Need to be Assembled Sometime:


(We received our travel system, bouncer, and Pack & Play — all of which require some assembly and/or installation on our parts. So we’ll be working on that in the coming days.  Also, Anna and her mom are recovering my swing for me. Ironically enough, a friend of Mrs. Edith’s made a quilt out of the same material Anna and Mrs. Susan picked out to recover the swing. Matchy Matchy!)


4 responses to “Nursery Pictures

  1. looking good! I can’t imagine anything else you could possibly need! SOOOOO excited for you!

  2. Eeeeeee!! It looks fantastic, Rita! Babies have SO much stuff, don’t they!?

  3. Woo hoo! It looks great! I love the crib set – not sure if I ended up registering for that one or not but I know I wanted to…so cute!

    Yeah I barely have anything now and wonder how I’m gonna store it all – will definitely have to have a lot of baskets! You look like you’re doing a fabulous job!

  4. Good job! Now you just need your little baby girl to enjoy the room!

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