Nursery Update

If you follow my Twitter, you saw this last night:

Feet are fat. Nursery is FINITO!!! (just gotta carry out the trash … tomorrow.)

Whoo hoo!! So … as a visual, here’s the checklist.

  • Pick out a paint color
  • Purchase paint
  • Take the shelf / bar out of the closet
  • Remove closet doors
  • Spackle walls inside closet
  • Check the hardwoods under the carpet to see what condition they’re in
  • Paint the walls
  • Paint the ceiling
  • Remove the carpet/tack strip/staples  from the floor
  • Install quarter-round around the perimeter of the room, covering the gaps between the baseboards and the floors
  • Paint the trim
  • Install closet organizer
  • Hang new blinds in the windows
  • Patch ceiling “popcorn” stuff in the area where the roof leaked.
  • Repaint a section of the wall next to the ceiling work, as that was quite a messier job than was anticipated.
  • Touch-up wall paint in random places where it needs touching up.
  • Thoroughly clean the floors
  • Move furniture into place
  • Make and hang curtains for two windows and the closet — I met with the lady who’s making the curtains yesterday. She’s got the measurements, the sample fabric/ribbon, and the vision. She’ll make some rockin’ curtains!!

Check out all those strike-out lines!! 😀 (Ok, I know technically there’s one left. AND I removed “have a baby and bring her home to her new, awesome room” from the list … but whatever.)

BIG sigh of relief! What I can do in that nursery before “putting in the pretty stuff” is DONE! It was a big project, but the end result is SO nice. Of course, you know I’ll post pictures as soon as I get them taken. (There are still a couple small bags of trash and some paint cans that still need to make their way out of the room before I do that.)

Many, many thanks to my parents for their help. And to my husband, who put up with my irritability about the project not being finished and my inability to just go in there and do it myself. He put the finishing touches on it pretty much by himself last night (finishing the ceiling project, painting the walls, touching up the trim-work, and hanging the blinds). I watched and kept him company while he worked. And I tried to make myself as useful as possible, but other than holding tools and paintbrushes, I’m not sure how big of a help I was! 🙂

FINITO, folks!!


4 responses to “Nursery Update

  1. Woo hoo! I know it feels good to have all that done! Way to go!

  2. Pictures, pictures, pictures!!!

  3. Good job! I wanna see pictures!

  4. And today you get to fill it up with stuff! Can’t wait to see it. I’m sure it will be even cuter with a baby in it!

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