More Nathan Photos

Ok, they’ve been up on Amy’s blog for a few days now. So now I can put them up over here! 🙂 (She got to show them off first, anyway!)

Amy & Craig asked me to be their “photographer” following Nathan’s birth, so I got to sneak in the room and see the baby before everyone else. I got a few shots of a very exhausted-looking Amy with her fresh-out-of-the-womb son and then got to capture shots of the family members coming into the room to see him for the first time. (She hasn’t seen all of these yet, so I’m not going to blog them just yet.)

But I was able to capture and quickly edit a few and get them up so that the new grandparents could have a couple to show off. Here are those:








Yesterday, my mom cooked Sunday Lunch and took it over to Craig and Amy’s. We ate lunch with them and spent an hour or so ogling Nathan. Craig warned Nathan, “This is your Aunt Rita. You may not get to see her face for a little while, but she’ll be sure we have lots of pictures of you!”


IMG_3850I love this picture.


3 responses to “More Nathan Photos

  1. These are awesome pictures, Rita! He’s a real cutie! What a lucky boy to have such a wonderful photographer for an aunt. 🙂 I can’t wait to see all of the beautiful pictures you will undoubtedly capture of Ivalee! It won’t be long!

  2. Congrats – he’s adorable!

  3. Great pictures, Rita! What a treasure for Craig & Amy to always have these remembrances of when their firstborn son arrived!

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