Appointment for Week #33

I’m at 33 weeks, 4 days. And for the past four weeks (since my diabetes diagnosis), I’ve been on a weekly appointment schedule. (Have I mentioned that here? Does anyone really care? :-D)

So at today’s appointment, we figured out that she’s still head-down. And this is good news. I think I already knew it, just from where I can feel the movement. There are definitely legs and arms on my left, and definitely a butt on my right. Which means the head can only be down! But it was nice to have that confirmed.

My sugar levels, on the whole, were considerably lower this week than last. So I was happy to be able to share that with her – and I felt good about it. I feel like I’m figuring this thing out.

So … in six weeks, I get to have a baby. Whoa, weird!


6 responses to “Appointment for Week #33

  1. Clay Jernigan

    Way to go mom! Come on little baby girl. 🙂

  2. That’s great! Way to go…

  3. oh yay! you’re so close! I can’t wait to see pictures of miss Iva!

  4. Be sure that the Browning’s care about every detail so keep giving them!

  5. mandysandifer

    Rita…Don’t know if remember me, but we went to NGC together! I found your blog off Sara Thompson’s. Anyway, Congrats on your baby and just wanted you to know I had a baby almost 6 months ago and I too had diabetes (I have juvenile diabetes). I was induced at 39 weeks and everything went wonderfully. Nathan weighed 8 lbs 2 oz (not too big) and he was as healthy as can be (except for some jaundice, but that is pretty normal). I blogged about the whole diabetes and pregnancy thing if you want to check it out. I know everything will go great for you too!

  6. mandysandifer

    ooops, here is my blog:

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