Sooner Than Expected

I finally got to meet with Tonya (midwife) again this morning. She said that Iva measured at 33 cm, exactly where she should be, which was a great relief. Getting that information also afforded me the opportunity to ask, “If my diabetes and sugar levels are controlled, does that mean she won’t get too big? and if she doesn’t get too big, will we be able to wait on her to come out on her own?”

Since I’ve been meeting with her from the very beginning, she knows where I stand on certain things – like how inductions and c-sections are medically necessary at times and I recognize that, but I prefer it to be a last resort, not Plan A. So she was very gentle in her answer. “With my diabetic moms, I don’t like to see them progress to 40 full weeks. The risk of infant death increases after that 39th week, and it’s just not worth the risk to me. Now, there are some new studies coming out that say that may not be the case with diabetics who are able to control their sugar levels with diet – as you are. But I’m just not comfortable changing my practices based on these new studies just yet. There are too many risks. And we want this baby born healthy.”

So she said she won’t want to see me get past 39 weeks, 5 days — August 25.  So Kyle and I are going to be praying hard for her to come out on her own before that.

And if that doesn’t happen, August 25 it is.

And I’m ok with that.


6 responses to “Sooner Than Expected

  1. I like the nice midwife better. I’ll be praying for a safe delivery… however that may be.

  2. And oh my goodness, August 25th is like a real date, that’s reeal close… you gonna be havin’ a real baby, Rita Polk!

  3. We’ll pray that way too! You have a GREAT attitude about it.

  4. God’s will is perfect, so let it be! And yes we’ll pray too that she’ll come on the early train 🙂

  5. What a terrific, gentle answer on her part. And… August 25 sounds like a good birthday to me! We’ll be praying. You and Kyle know how when you plan something big for a certain date, sometimes it gets pushed to happen sooner than expected. 😉

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