Busy, Productive Weekend

The Polks have had a hard go of getting organized around here. Even with the box-loads of items going out the door to Goodwill and the trashcan, it just seems like we have TOO MUCH STUFF! I really thought we’d done a good job of controlling this, but apparently we’re both closet pack-rats with issues that need to be dealt with.

So that was my goal on this long weekend. I actually took an extra day off on Thursday to make it a four-day working weekend. And my house is showing much improvement. We did have a few minor set-backs in the way of “this job took way more time than I expected it might”, so our lists still have several items on them.

But my living room is finished. I took everything off the walls, dusted the walls, put new pictures in the picture frames, reframed pictures that needed re-framing, moved furniture around to thoroughly clean the floors, and only put back in the room what needed to be in there. So it’s done. (Except for that lingering issue of We should keep this swing in the living room, but where does it fit? that remains unsolved.)

The kitchen is clean (again) except for the table, which has become a holding place for everything that still needs to be sorted through by either me or Kyle. The piles are dwindling, so we’re getting there.

The bathroom got a pretty thorough purging and scrubbing. The only thing that remains is to wash the floor mat and clean the floors in there.

Our bedroom is making progress. It’s never really THAT bad, except for laundry. And I haven’t done a lot of that this weekend. I did clean off our bedside tables, dresser, etc. and dust and put stuff away.

The nursery … well. It’s still making progress. We did discover when we were tearing out carpet that there were some gapping issues between the baseboards and the hardwoods. So my dad and I went to Lowe’s on Thursday and bought some quarter-round to install. And he and Kyle did that on Thursday afternoon.

Another problem that needed a remedy was the patch on the ceiling where the old roof leaked and there was water damage. Kyle had to end up cutting some of the “popcorn ceiling” stuff away and reapplying it. That’s done. Now we have to repaint a part of the wall in that corner of the room again, because it was a bit of a messy project. And the ceiling needs painting again too, I think.

Once that’s done, we’ll paint the trim and be done with that room, I think.

I still have a few other items on my list that aren’t HUGE, but will require some time. But major progress has been made this weekend. And it’s all coming together. Photos as soon as it’s all done.


4 responses to “Busy, Productive Weekend

  1. Nesting scares me…

  2. Your “To Do” list stresses me out. The sad thing is, mine almost exactly the same…sans nursery prep.

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