Crazy Dreams

This needed documenting, because it was just too funny.

Last night, I dreamed that the baby was born. Will Browning was the doctor (awkward). And “Iva” was not Iva — she was a boy. And he looked nothing like me or Kyle. There were two people were at the hospital with us — Andrew Brown and my friend Danielle. And only after we sat for a couple of hours looking at the baby (trying to figure out where his face came from!?) did it occur to us that we’d forgotten to call our parents. But it was late, so we both decided to sleep and just give them a call the next morning.


5 responses to “Crazy Dreams

  1. I am trying to finish my doctorate but not that kind of doctorate.

  2. This is just weird.

    1. – You have to have a girl. I need a girl to spoil!!!
    2. – I expect a phone call. No matter what time. (I assume this will be your mom or Mendy’s job.)
    3. – PLEASE let me go first. I’m ready to get rid of the morning sickness!

  3. I am so glad you decided to document this for posterity. Seriously. 😀

  4. What in the world! That is SO funny=) So glad you documented.

  5. wierd, i would have called your parents for you (:

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