Parents Who Are Asking For It

Yesterday I spent the earlier part of the day grocery shopping and restocking my “stores” at home. While waiting in line at CVS, (where I spent less than $50 on $97 worth of stuff – just had to throw that in there) I found myself in line behind two moms with their three hyperactive children. I overheard the oldest little girl (maybe 10?) telling the cashier, “We drink this stuff because it gives us superpowers.”

Between the moms and their children, there were at least a dozen Red Bulls. Each child grabbed one for the road and the rest were bagged up.

And the cashier looked at me and we both said, “What are they THINKING?!”


One response to “Parents Who Are Asking For It

  1. Wow, I can’t imagine! All I have to say is, “good luck moms!”

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