Nursery Update


Tonight, my dad and I worked on installing the new closet organizer.
You know, you wouldn’t think those things would be so hard to install, but having a big curve in the wall of the closet certainly doesn’t help!
But we got it installed, and then I had my dad pose for a picture of his handiwork. πŸ™‚


My mom started working on the trim. She finished one window and the doorway. But she asked me not to take a picture of the window until she brings a razor over to clean up the job she did on the window PANES! πŸ™‚
So instead, I got this picture of them both looking exhausted. Aren’t my parents too sweet for helping me out this much!?!


And right before this picture, my dad said (for the second time), “I don’t know why we’re working so hard on the room over here. She’s not going to spend that much time here at all!” (Implying that his grandfatherly skills are going to abound and she’ll want to be at his house instead of her own.)

We’ll see about that.

Also must note that my mom took a picture of me standing in front of the closet. And WOW. BELLY!! Aye carumba! I hadn’t seen it from that side yet! I deleted it as quickly as possible!

The Unofficial Nursery To Do List, Updated:

  • Pick out a paint color Glidden Silent Fog, it is!
  • Purchase paint
  • Take the shelf / bar out of the closet
  • Remove closet doors
  • Spackle walls inside closet
  • Check the hardwoods under the carpet to see what condition they’re in
  • Paint the walls
  • Paint the ceiling
  • Remove the carpet/tack strip from the room
  • Prime and paint the trim
  • Install closet organizer
  • Hang new blinds in the windows
  • Make and hang curtains for two windows and the closet
  • Sometime in late August, have a baby and bring her home to her new, awesome room!

In other news that I will share this one brief fact about and choose not to dwell on, because it will probably make me sad:

I failed my 2nd glucose test — “barely” (whatever that means). So I have gestational diabetes — “barely”. (See? That word means nothing at all really.) Not exactly sure what that means yet, but I have an appointment on Tuesday with some new lady at the doctor’s office. Maybe I’ll have more positive information to share then. Until then, don’t bring it up. Thank you very much! πŸ™‚


8 responses to “Nursery Update

  1. Your dad looks so proud! Oh my goodness, they’re both going to be a mess by August with three grandbabies around!

  2. momma and daddy are cute. also hoochie skirt! yay!

  3. Your parents are so sweet. And your list is really coming along! And… is that… a baby… miniskirt??

    • Yes. My sister bought it. It’s Iva’s first miniskirt. Apparently she thinks my daughter will be a hoochie … like her Aunt Mendy! πŸ˜€

      (I kid.)

  4. grrr, barely huh. (oh wait, I won’t bring it up)… lol! The room looks great, and I’m sure you did too, in that… picture… you deleted… lol!!!

    Love the color of the walls and your completely adorable parents. πŸ™‚

  5. Congratulations on the baby and the closet organization! I noticed you were going to put in a some wood trim and wanted to suggest what we did in my child’s room. We used a very simple chair rail around the center of the room. Above the chair rail, we used a solid color and on bottom we did an alternating stripes pattern (all colors that matched the comforter of course ). Good luck with the nursery and congrats again!

    • Chair rail is conspicuously and intentionally absent from my to do list. We are just painting the existing trim, not installing new trim.

  6. It’s looking SO good!

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