Getting the Room Ready

My parents volunteered to help us get the nursery painted this week. (Aren’t they awesome?!) So they got started tonight.




(Please try to ignore the insane amount of things piled into the crib for “safe-keeping”. I still have so much organizing to do!)

The Unofficial Nursery To Do List, Updated:

  • Pick out a paint color Glidden Silent Fog, it is!
  • Purchase paint
  • Take the shelf / bar out of the closet
  • Remove closet doors
  • Spackle walls inside closet
  • Check the hardwoods under the carpet to see what condition they’re in
  • Paint the walls
  • Paint the ceiling
  • Remove the carpet/tack strip from the room
  • Prime and paint the trim
  • Install closet organizer
  • Hang new blinds in the windows
  • Make and hang curtains for two windows and the closet
  • Sometime in late August, have a baby and bring her home to her new, awesome room!

6 responses to “Getting the Room Ready

  1. Looks great! Your list is coming along nicely. What was the outcome of #5?

    Alex and I are planning on painting the nursery a similar color, if the color in the picture is true. We’re thinking khaki-ish.

    • Cassie. The floor is GREAT!! So Kyle and some nameless other dude will be tearing out carpet before my parents return to do the trim work. SO excited about that!!

      The color is actually a pale sage green. In the picture of the crib, you can see the curtain from our bedding set. We bought it to color match the paint. It’s not the exactly the same shade of green but it’s a lighter version of it. Does that make sense?

  2. LOOOVE that color, Rita! It looks great!

  3. My favourite is the last one, just make sure you pick out a baby that matches the wonderful room! Shouldn’t you wait with the floor until you have painted the ceiling? That way you don’t have to worry about paint dripping…

    • Yes. When we’re shopping at the Baby Mall, we’ll be sure to take a color swatch from the nursery to make sure she looks ok in this color room! 😀

      And, yes, about the carpet/ceiling-painting thing. The list in the post is in the correct order. My conversations about the list may not be! 🙂

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