Appointment Update

28 Weeks and 3 Days

I had to do a Glucose Test today and had a regular check-up with Tonya, the midwife. She measured me and said I’m right on target. I asked her if she could tell what position the baby is in. She said, “I can feel around and tell you, but you’re going to giggle.”

Confession: I, Rita Polk, am very, very ticklish. This fact has not gone unnoticed by my midwife, as every time she measures me, I try – unsuccessfully at times – to suppress my giggles.

I promised to try and hold it in, and did so somewhat successfully for the first few seconds. But then she said, “You’re holding it in well. But you’ve gotta relax!”

Long story short, she was able to feel that her head is down  — as it should be — and she anticipates that it’ll probably stay that way! So hurray!! Iva’s a planner like her mom – going ahead and getting in position instead of waiting until the last minute. 🙂

(As for the results of the Glucose Test, I do not yet know. I was told that I would not hear from them if everything is ok. But if there’s any concern at all, I’ll hear from them by Wednesday. So here’s hoping I hear nothing!)


2 responses to “Appointment Update

  1. Nathan was head down the first time she felt him, too. But then he flipped to breech. And then back to head down. Maybe Iva will be more predictable. 🙂

  2. Yeah for Iva! Hopefully she’ll stay that way….you’re gettin so close!!

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