The Cleaning Bug

I got bit yesterday. At work, all the ministerial staff (my bosses) had their annual Staff Planning Day, where they went off-campus and spent the day about 15 miles away from the office.  Which means I was in no danger of being interrupted by them to do other things while I purged, sorted, and cleaned the entire workroom.

The workroom is where our incoming mail is sorted into the ministers’ boxes, office supplies are stored, network printers and all the other machines are located, etc. etc. etc. So in short, it is the “communal room” and it collects a lot of junk!

So I worked pretty hard in there yesterday, getting rid of some things that needed to be tossed, putting other things back in their proper place, and straightening all the stored items.


I was concerned that when I got home, I wouldn’t feel like doing the same at my house. And believe me, there is more than enough reorganizing that needs to happen there! It just wouldn’t be quite as simple, I was afraid!

But my mom, ever the wonderful mom that she is, came over and helped motivate me. And she really helped out!! Having my mom help me clean is like having two of myself – she does things just the way I do them! (I guess I should say I do them just the way she does, since she probably taught me how!)

In an effort to get the closet cleaned out in the nursery (which will be necessary in order to complete another item on the aforementioned List), we needed to find another closet in which to store a few small items that I do actually use. Which lead me to “The Brown Room”. This is Kyle’s Room in the house – his to store whatever he deems necessary. Typically, I do not clean this room when it gets cleaned unless it’s a “company’s coming and we need some extra space” kind of a situation. But desperate times call for desperate measures, and I needed a place to put my stuff! So I called Kyle (who was at work) and said, “I’m cleaning The Brown Room. This means a lot of stuff is going to Goodwill and to the trash. Is that ok?” He didn’t even hesitate for a moment. He knew it had to be done.

(I make it sound so dramatic, don’t I?)

So my mom and I sorted through piles of CDs – some broken or damaged beyond repair, and none stored in a good way. We packed several laundry baskets full of goodies for Goodwill. (I don’t know how it’s happened, but I’ve accumulated at least ten laundry baskets! Who needs that many?! Not me!) I threw away an embarrassing amount of trash. My mom and I moved around the furniture (don’t worry, it’s not that heavy!), washed the bed linens, hung some of Kyle’s favorite paintings, and ultimately made the room look like a functioning room instead of a dusty storage bin.



A room where you can see the floor! And use the closet! And sleep on the bed! An actual room!

Looking at that room at the end of the evening, I really appreciated this whole “Nesting” thing. But laying in bed even later, when my brain would not stop thinking of “all the other things I can do!!” while my exhausted body lay in a heap longing for sleep, I cursed the Nesting Instinct and blamed it for keeping me awake.


5 responses to “The Cleaning Bug

  1. haha – that’s funny you couldn’t go to sleep because you were thinkin about all the other stuff you could get done. I feel like I have a mountain of things to do and I’m honestly not home much during the week for one reason or another…I feel like I have so many errands to run but they’re not ever near where I work so I can’t go at lunch and thus I go on the weekends – preventing me from cleaning and organizing at my house. Sigh…hopefully I can get a lot accomplished this weekend!! Kudos to you for divin in and getting all that done!

  2. Cute butt, Mom!

  3. Wow, GREAT work!! I’m impressed.

  4. Some how my feeds got all messed up and you weren’t on there any more. I was like, “Jeez, Rita hasn’t posted in a while.” lol! Good job with the room. You can come nest at my house. 😉

  5. HAHAHA!!! The room looks GREAT though=)

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