Movin’ on up!

Kyle picked up our two new phones and signed a contract for our new phone plan today! Since Kyle started his new job at the Cab Company, I’ve gotten at least one phone call per weekend from him in a complete panic. “Get online and Google this for me! I need an address for the GPS!” So this will eliminate that and (hopefully) enable him to move a little more efficiently and confidently while on the road.

Plus, it’s an iPhone — kind of an easy sell! So excited to get it in-hand this evening when he gets home from work!


4 responses to “Movin’ on up!

  1. I’m still just so happy for you. I LOVE my iPhone. You will too, I’m sure 🙂

    Although we may need to be changing our church name to iJourney, since apparently ALL of us have them now…

    The big challenge will be getting John to abandon his Verizon job and switch to AT&T, haha….

  2. iPhone – the most superior piece of technology that I have ever owned. Welcome to a life change.

  3. The iPhone may be coming to Verizon and we will so totally be in the club.

    • Yeh. I read last week that that was one of the anticipated announcements at the wwdc 2009. But then I read that it’s not supposed to happen until 2010 at the earliest. So we made the switch.

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