A Craigslist Success Story, Pt. 2

Saturday’s experience surpassed my previous positive experience with Craigslist. I didn’t make twice as much money as I thought I’d make (like I did before), but I sold the dresser in two hours and it was gone from my house in five hours.  Awesome!

Instant gratification, people. Craigslist is just meetin’ needs. 🙂

We’re continuing to make progress in the nursery – slowly but surely. The room is actually starting to look like an actual room instead of a storage closet. On Saturday, I went through several bags of things that people have given me recently. I sorted through bottles and diapers and clothes and put them their proper places (even though I’m just going to have to undo it in order to paint, it made me feel happy. So I did it. And that’s all the logic that my decisions need these days, apparently.)

The Unofficial Nursery To Do List:

  • Pick out a paint color Glidden Silent Fog, it is!
  • Purchase paint
  • Take the shelf / bar out of the closet
  • Remove closet doors (we have those really crappy “sliding” doors that never slide right and are heavy and loud. We’re replacing them with curtains.)
  • Check the hardwoods under the carpet to see what condition they’re in
  • Apply primer and paint to the walls/closet/trim
  • Paint ceiling?
  • Perhaps remove the carpet/tack strip from the room, pending the outcome of bullet #5
  • Install closet organizer
  • Make and hang curtains for two windows and the closet
  • Sometime in late August, have a baby and bring her home to her new, awesome room!

So there we have it. The To Do List. And, for some reason, that one Big Step in the right direction on Saturday has turned this list from “intimidating” to “motivating”. We can do this!!


2 responses to “A Craigslist Success Story, Pt. 2

  1. Sounds like a great list! Let me know if you want a painting buddy. 🙂

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