Eleven Days Later

I promise I haven’t forgotten about the blog. I have sat down to type out entries several times and realized about halfway into the post that either (a) the information going through my mind is too personal for such a public format or (b) it was completely uninteresting and non-monumental and not even a thought worth completing. So … if you’re wondering what’s been going on, I’ll try to be as succinct as possible. Here goes:

  • Recently I have apparently hit a Really Hormonal Stage of my pregnancy. Unfortunately this means that everyone close to me is constantly worried about my mental state. “Will she cry this time? or is today a mad day?” I know the walking on eggshells must be exhausting – particularly for Kyle who actually lives with me. And that only makes the hormones worse, when I consider their effect on other people. If I’m crying and I think, “I’m probably frustrating my husband completely,” the waterworks only come on stronger. If I’m mad and have a moment of clarity, I get angrier thinking, “What’s he got to be mad at?!” Oh, people. I am out of control. This is not me. (Take this as an example of how “in control” I typically try to be.)
  • In happier news, another one of my big distractions from The Blog has been my wedding stationery design “business”. I’ve been cranking out some projects over the past few weeks that have been somewhat time-consuming. But they’ve all turned out so beautifully, with a few happy surprises along the way. After all the wedding dates have passed, I’ll photograph and share the finished projects.
  • I had an appointment yesterday with MY MIDWIFE again. It was just a regular measurement kind of a check-up. It was good to see her again, and not the mean lady. Everything’s normal. So … good stuff.
  • We spent a day in Edisto with Kyle’s mom earlier this week for Memorial Day. We haven’t seen her in a couple of months, so she got to see how big Iva is (and I am) getting. And she even saw her move a few times. We spent Sunday night in the condo she had rented for the weekend and then spent a few hours on the beach on Monday. It was a nice break from The Norm and it was good to visit with his mom.
  • Last weekend, I spent a couple of hours completely cleaning out my kitchen cabinets. It’s ridiculous the things we just learn to “work around”. I had a box in one of my cabinets that had some drop-cloths and stuff we haven’t used since we moved in over four years ago. And the box was taking up a whole cabinet. Fail!! We do have a lot of cabinet space in our kitchen, but now we have even more COUNTER SPACE, because I was able to put some of my small appliances in that cabinet. Win!!
  • Is it possible that I’m in the Third Trimester already? I picked up a book last week and started reading it at the 25 week mark (where I was then). And the first thing it said was “Welcome to the Third Trimester”. No way, right? When does it start? Really at 25 weeks? That thought gives me a panic attack. I have too much to do to get ready for a baby!

7 responses to “Eleven Days Later

  1. I’ve been cleaning and hormonal like crazy here too! At least you have more counter space to counterbalance the tears=)

  2. Ok I can COMPLETELY relate to the hormonal thing. I was just trying to explain to Septtro how frustrated I am that I feel so sad and can cry at the drop of a hat. It almost feels wrong – to be crying so much during such an incredible time. He was, of course, completely understanding – which like you said, makes me feel even worse. 🙂 Maybe part of it, at least for me, is because I might still be scared of something happening as well as missing not being able to experience all of this with my first lil baby…but regardless, I am definitely a big ball of tears.

  3. Hormones. Isn’t that the woman equivalent of a “bad-back,” for men. The excuses you blame everything on when you don’t want to do something?

  4. I didn’t know you were seeing a midwife. How cool! Do you like her? are you doing the hospital/midwife thing, or the birth center thing?

    As far as the hormones thing, I get that way and I’m not even pregnant! And I’ve ALWAYS been the calm one. 😛 I’ve decided it’s a nearing-30 thing. 😛

    • Yes, we’re doing the hospital/midwife thing. Only very recently (and I mean VERY) did the new birth center in Charleston open up. And I didn’t even know it was coming to look into it before I picked my midwife and started meeting with her.

      I do like her. All of our experiences so far have been very positive.

  5. Yeah, hormones will do that to you – major rollercoaster! Glad to hear your checkup went well. Welcome to your third trimester. Woo hoo!

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