One where I talk about being pregnant.

  • As a point of reference, I’m at 23 weeks, 5 days – in the second trimester, my fifth month, and what’s typically known as “the easiest part” of the pregnancy. My experience has been just that. No complaints at all.
  • My sudden cleaning/organizing compulsion has been identified (by my friend Jenny) as “nesting“. Awesome. Kyle’s been waiting on this stage to set-in for a while now! πŸ™‚ On Sunday, I had a few unexpected hours alone at home, so I spent them catching up on dishes, doing several loads of laundry, starting in on the floors, etc. etc. It feels good to get those kinds of things accomplished. I could really go for a full weekend at home alone to get caught up on everything without interruption. But I don’t see one of those weekends in my near future. Oh well. Some day soon, I suppose.
  • Apparently I’m a pregnancy cliche’. I’m burning up already. And this situation does not really work out well for my coworkers. For some reason, the offices on my side of the hall are consistently hotter than the ones on the other side. So when we’re comfortable in the summer, they’re FREEZING! So all the ladies on the other side of the hall were running their small heaters in the office. Yesterday, Doug (my boss) brought me a fan and said, “Can we try this out? You’re freezing us all out of our offices.” So now I have my own personal fan.
  • And we must’ve done something to agitate Miss Iva yesterday. During the ultrasound, when the woman would press the (what’s the word for that stick thing that put on your tummy?) into my tummy, she would push against it like, “Hello?? Trying to nap here!” And for the rest of the day and late into the night, she was quite an active little booger. She’s not big enough yet that it’s causing any pain or anything. It was actually fun to feel her moving around in there, doing her “gymnastics”. And still this morning, I’m feeling some pretty major flips and twists going on.
  • Strangers are noticing now. But not touching, yet. So I’m grateful for that, for sure! I’ve had several people come up to me and say, “Aw! When’s your baby due?” recently. And a couple of weeks ago, Kyle and I were shopping for a new pair of jeans for him and he needed a different size. I was just starting to stand up to go assist when a saleslady said, “No, Honey. You need to stay down. I’ll take care of him!” Sweet!!
  • The wedding rings are off. 😦 They were already a little snug before I got pregnant, and they were just not working out at all anymore. So last Saturday, they came off and I’m afraid they’re off to stay until September.

7 responses to “One where I talk about being pregnant.

  1. i always seem to get a splurge of nesting-ness RIGHT before it rains… so i’ll clean all the floors and then, inevitably, wet leaves and dirt get tracked inside. frustrating.

    • Yeh! It’s been raining quite a bit here too. And so that means that, in catching up on all this laundry the past few days, I’ve not been able to hang it out to dry like I’d like to. Oh well. At least it’s getting done!

  2. love this post – very fun! I wonder how long it will be before my wedding rings are off

  3. Oh I want a weekend, a day, an hour with NO ONE in the house where I could scurry around and clean and re-organize all by myself!!! =)

    So funny about your personal fan, HA!

  4. mmhhh let’s see, strangers commenting on pregnancy, no more wedding rings, living in the south….just wondering when the first stranger will berate you for having a child out of wedlock…
    But seriously I’m glad all is well, and your house is great enough as it is, I can’t even imagine how cool it will be after your nesting phase.

    • Till!! I know!!! Fortunately there’s a tan line / imprint where the rings SHOULD be, but if and when that fades … ruh roh! I mentioned that to Kyle the other day and he rolled his eyes at me when I said “I might just go to Target and buy a cheap band to wear.” He wasn’t buying it! πŸ™‚ Maybe I should start carrying my marriage license around!

      (I’m totally kidding, by the way!)

  5. I loved that part of pregnancy… when you feel good and you start to look pregnant. But I hated when my wedding band didn’t fit anymore. I went and got a chain so I could wear it around my neck instead. πŸ™‚

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