She’s Still a “She”

ultrasound2And you can see her face in that picture! I’m almost positive she’s the prettiest baby ever.


8 responses to “She’s Still a “She”

  1. yes, you’re right. she IS the prettiest baby ever 🙂 i didn’t realize you were already 23 weeks! it’s going by fast – from this end anyway

    • I did the math once to figure out how far ahead of me you are, but I don’t remember exactly. It always seems like other people are progressing a lot faster than me! Like Susan! Who can believe she’s at 18 weeks already!?

  2. Hi first niece…you’re a pretty girl! I see her spine…it’s nice lol

  3. 19 weeks today 😉

    Yeah it must go by slower for each person cause I feel like everybody else is progressing a lot faster than me too! I thought I’d never make it to the 20 week ultrasound and it’s 1 week and a day! woo hoo!

    P.S. does it mean I’m a horrible woman if I can’t recognize the face in the ultrasound? I tried so hard. 😦

    • Not a horrible person at all! The scan is TERRIBLE!!

      But her face is to the right. The top of her head is about half-way down the right side and her face is turned almost completely sideways. You can just barely make out both eyes and a very prominent nose. She’s looking right at you!

  4. That beautiful spine shines like diamonds… And her nose is not prominent; it’s just the light. 🙂
    Hi Avalee Grace Cindy Lou! I see you waving @ us…
    See you in another few months!

  5. I see her now!! 🙂 **just regained a bit of womanly pride back**

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